Do-it-yourself preserves: 10 sauces and preparations under glass to enjoy vegetables all year round

Prepare your own conserve allows you to have delights to be enjoyed throughout the year and the sauces ready to serve as a sauce for pasta or to accompany other dishes.

Le conserve they allow to make the best use of the surplus of the harvest that is not possible to consume fresh in a short time. With a little attention to the sterilization of jars and the pasteurization of sauces, you can really prepare preserves for all tastes.


Pasteurization and conservation

For added safety and to extend the life of sauces and preserves under glass it is good pasteurize them. You will have to close your jars very well with clean and sterilized lids and place them in a pot full of boiling water. The jars must be completely covered with water, including the lid. Turn on the stove to keep it boiling. The trick is to put in boiling water too a potato. When it is cooked and soft, pasteurization should have taken place. It usually takes about 20 minutes. You will be sure when you notice that the center of the lid it will have subsided. You can let the jars cool to room temperature and then store them in the cellar or pantry. Label your preserves with the date of preparation and consume them preferably within a year.

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Here are some examples of what you can prepare and store under glass.

Sweet and sour onions

Sweet and sour onions are a tasty side dish to prepare with sweet and small borettane onions, they are also perfect to be served as an appetizer. Here the prescription step by step to prepare them and make a homemade preserve to enjoy them all year round.

Aubergine cream

Prepare a eggplant cream to be used as a sauce for pasta it is very simple and allows you to have an excellent preserves aside. You will have to cut the aubergines into thin slices and cook in water and vinegar. To obtain a green sauce, peel the aubergines raw or after blanching or partially cooked in the oven. When they are very soft you will have to drain them, let them cool down and blend. Then you can pour the sauce into the jars, cover it with oil to the brim and close it very well. You will have to cover it with oil every time after using it, when you have opened the jar. Read on here the complete recipe of Verdiana.

Peppers in Oil

To be served as an appetizer or even as a delicious side dish, these peppers in oil have a very delicate flavor, in your city, made with basil, garlic and peppercorns. Here is the step by step recipe to follow.

Pickled gherkins

Wash and let the gherkins drain. Dry them very well and arrange them next to each other in glass jars already sterilized in boiling water. Sprinkle each jar with a teaspoon of salt. Bring water to a boil e vinegar in equal parts, adjusting the quantity according to the number and capacity of the cans. Pour the still hot liquid into each jar. Close the jars, let them cool and put them in the pantry or cellar. They will be great to enjoy in winter.

Spicy green beans preserve

The spicy green bean preserve is a (vegan) recipe to be prepared in summer, which will allow us to savor the taste of green beans even in winter. This preserve can be served as an appetizer or as a side dish. Excellent if accompanied with good homemade bread. Here is the recipe to make it step by step.

Tomato Sauce

Prepared at tomato sauce according to your habits, starting with fresh tomatoes, it is usually necessary to cook the tomatoes in boiling water for at least 20 minutes before passing them through a vegetable mill. Then you will have to let the sauce reduce in the pan, until you get the desired consistency. Pasteurize in boiling water and let cool before placing in the pantry.


Pesto is best preserved if prepared with a few simple ingredients: fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil and pine nuts. It is advisable to use a marble mortar or a plastic whisk to obtain a sauce without a bitter aftertaste. Anyone wishing to add cheese will do so at the time of seasoning the pasta and not during preparation. Fresh pesto can be preserved for some time in the fridge in closed glass jars, after having covered the surface of the sauce with extra virgin olive oil, checking from time to time the state of storage and adding new oil after each use. Pesto can also be frozen in trays or containers for ice cubes. Who will want to keep it in the pantry, or in any case out of the freezer or refrigerator, will have to proceed with the pasteurization by boiling the ready-made and tightly closed jars, after having covered the surface of the sauce with oil, filling the jar well. An exotic variation for pesto can be made by combining coriander leaves and lime juice. Here the recipe of the traditional pesto and some variations from which to take inspiration.

Dried Tomatoes in Oil

Here is a great idea for preserve the tomatoes and to always have a very tasty sauce available for pasta or sliced ​​bread. The original recipe provides that the tomatoes are left to dry in the sun for at least a week, ours recipe of dried tomatoes in oil instead foresees to dry them in the oven after having flavored them with salt and oregano. Here is the complete procedure.

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Pumpkin chutney

Cut the pumpkin into cubes and cover with coarse salt, after having placed it in a colander. Let it sit for 6 hours and boil it in water and vinegar in equal parts until softened. Add a pinch of salt, a pinch of ginger and a pepper cut into small pieces. Extend cooking for an hour after adding some sugar cane (calculate 150 grams for 500 grams of raw pumpkin pulp). You can also add a thinly sliced ​​small onion to cooking. The chutney must thicken and take on the consistency of a jam. At this point you can pour it into sterilized jars, still boiling, which you will allow to cool before placing them in the pantry. The sweet and sour sauce that you will get can be kept in this way even for a year, but it must be kept in the refrigerator after opening.

Spicy pickled asparagus

If you have fresh and firm asparagus available, perhaps directly from your garden, you can keep them in glass jars and take this delicious spring vegetable with you throughout the year. The recipe for spicy pickled asparagus is very simple to make, just follow the procedure you will find here.

Spicy sauce

You can prepare your spicy sauces with red chillies o green chillies, to be blended raw with extra virgin olive oil, salt, vinegar, lemon juice and spices, until a mixture of the desired consistency is obtained. The sauces can be preserved in the fridge in glass jars for about two weeks, taking care to cover the surface of the preparation with extra virgin olive oil. To prepare a spicy sauce of longer duration, the advice is to add chilli powder to the homemade tomato sauce, which will then have to be sterilized in boiling water as usual.


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