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Do good without thinking about who

Last update: December 09, 2015

I like people who make me smile sincerely thanks to their simplicity and kindness. With their gestures, they heal my soul, protect me, lift my spirits and make me grow. Thanks to them, every day I feel like a better person and this is priceless.

I find that goodness is the best quality a person can have. When we offer ourselves to others, we are able to squeeze and drink the best essence of this world; this attitude gives us joy and makes us feel proud of our condition.

However, it must be recognized that sometimes difficulties saturate us; for this reason, it often becomes difficult to ignore that inner voice that tells us not to waste time with others and mind our own business.

Goodness is a golden chain that unites us all

They say that goodness is the only investment that is always successful. In other words, the act of sowing good deeds becomes a universal benefit, because we make the hearts we touch blossom with our behavior.

In fact, even if we do good without expecting a reward, we have the certainty that we will be repaid in the same coin.

In this sense, we must avoid attitudes that justify us not doing anything for others, because we think that “there will be someone else who will do something”. Remember that the world sinks with malevolence and rises with goodness.

In other words, goodness is that aspect of human experience that emphasizes mutual benefit, it is the faithful reflection of an educated and emotionally intelligent heart that we all wish we had.

Treat others as you would like to be treated

NWe are not talking about formulating positive thoughts, but about committing good deeds that transform good intentions into reality. Working on our ability to be generous, loving and polite helps us to enhance our inner security.

It must also be emphasized that, behind certain smiles, there is no pure happiness, but the goodness of those things we don't tell and that remain in our lives and in the most emotional part of our heart.

Our actions are the reflection of our soul, they represent our gaze towards the world. We contribute to the beauty of the universe by demonstrating that our only true superiority lies in the possibility of being good.

How can we do good?

Simplicity, goodness, faith and joy are magnificent stones to build the house of life.

Doing good may not always be easy. However, if you think about it, goodness does not lie in great gestures, but in daily actions, which we have the power to manage. How can we take care of this value on a day-to-day basis? Let's see it below.

1 - Be an example

Show those who don't know how to practice solidarity, kindness and the value of helping others. Solidarity consists in giving what we have, not what we have left over.

2 - Take care of others in dark times

Remember that the best remedy for difficulties is laughter and empathic understanding. Reaching out a helping hand or listening patiently to others is the best way to help and make life easier for our fellowmen.

3 - Feed your sense of humor

Take care of your sense of humor: life is different if you value laughter. They are among the greatest sources of emotional intelligence; thanks to them, we give fun, wisdom and perspective of life to those around us.

4 - We all need others to fulfill ourselves

We are all imperfect beings, therefore we need the tolerance and kindness of others to accept and guarantee our well-being, as well as to make the world a better place.

5 - Put yourself on the front line against injustices

Standing up for the right things is a clear sign of goodness. As we have already said, this behavior has a multiplier effect: what we do determines the behavior of our fellow men.

Once we know what goodness brings, it is difficult to imagine being happy without practicing these principles. Now we are sure that, even if we fail to see the harvest, what we sow with an act of kindness equates to millions of smiles and tons of well-being.

Remember that goodness is an art you can benefit from almost immediately with small gestures. Gratitude and the satisfaction of doing good help you create lasting and healthy emotional bonds; in this way, you will get the greatest reward that can exist: emotional enrichment.

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