Distance yourself from the drama and from those who create it

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Distance yourself from the drama and from those who create it

Last update: October 26, 2015

"Many times we allow malicious, envious, authoritarian, psychopathic, proud, mediocre people to enter our intimacy, ultimately poisonous people, wrong people who continually judge what we say or do, or what we do not say or do not say. we do."

-Bernardo Stamateas-


That's why there are people who adore "drama"

There is no doubt that we are surrounded by a huge amount of people who take pleasure in talking about the life of others and criticizing it.

Boredom, the lack of a goal or passions, as well as the absence of pleasure make many people unable to find other satisfaction than that of seeking in the lives of others the adrenaline that they cannot find in their own.

We are faced with an attitude that everyone happens to assume in life; the problem arises when it is not an isolated case, when this type of conduct becomes a real "lifestyle" for many people.

How does one come to be surrounded by people who feed the drama?

In most cases, we are not the ones who choose of our own free will to deal with this type of person, just as a dog does not choose a master who mistreats him. It is simply a lottery, in which you can win or lose, just by participating in the game of life.

They can be people we have known since childhood, friends from school, the boss at work ... they can be many all together or just one at a time. You can meet them once in your life or maybe never meet them ... The important thing is not to blame yourself.

Statements like "I like you for who you are" are relative. Everyone is who they are, and in life they will meet people who are the way they are, without preventing them from occupying a place in our life. The fact that they occupy a place or a space within our life does not mean that we have to share our daily life with them.

How to prevent them from turning your problems and your existence into a drama

Kindness, respect and emotional distance are your best weapons. The solution is a progressive move away.

If you have made the right decision to leave, be convinced of your choice. Harmful behaviors are highly contagious, and they do you no good.

Don't dwell on it too much, it is necessary to know each person well before choosing who should continue to be part of their life and who should not. Life is made up of this, of decisions.

To be happy, you need to know how to make choices: without regard, without remorse. Your emotional well-being is the basis of everything, both for you and for those around you. Because of this, making the decision to walk away from people you don't think are healthy for you is the right choice.

Pay attention to these aspects:

- Do not resume past private conversations: that person you once confided in may be playing a dirty game when he senses your mood towards him. Maybe he wants to haunt you and hurt you, but remember that it's up to you to decide whether you are hit or not.

- Do not create a situation of unease around you: the only valid reality is the one you perceive. So don't pay attention to what this person says about the people around you.

- Don't let them speak for youDon't let him see you as an empty container, whatever your relationship - daughter / mother, friend or spouse. Start showing the world that your individuality is a parallel universe to his.

If you don't belong to their circle and you differentiate yourself from them, it will be much easier to distance yourself physically and emotionally.

Try to reduce your relationships to the bare minimum. If they are non-existent, much better ... The benefits to your physical and mental health will be enormous.

There are people who pass out of our lives for the sole purpose of showing us how we would never want to be. People whose presence in our life is exclusively given by their shadow once they leave.

A shadow that, thanks to your intuition, was unable to turn off your light.

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