Disappointment is part of life

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Disappointment is part of life

Last update: April 02, 2016

Very often, when we are disappointed, we struggle to take the blow. We think about thoughts like: “I always get everything wrong”, “I didn't expect it”, “I'm really unlucky”.

It seems to us that bad things only happen to us, including these small setbacks. However, even if disappointment is one of the human feelings that hurt the most, if we can take it as something that can happen to anyone, we will certainly be able to bear it much better.

We must be able to accept it: it can happen that a friend, a partner or a relative disappoints us, in the most different ways. Criticizing ourselves behind us, forgetting us from one day to the next… In short, that what we never expected may happen.

It's worse than getting a slap in the face, but it happens to everyone, not just you. They disappoint us, and we also disappoint others… it's the game of life. Why not learn to play it?

Disappointment is part of life

How many times have you found yourself having coffee with friends and ending up in the interminable discussion about “It's not what it seems…”, “I never expected it…”, and blah blah blah?

These conversations help us to let off steam, sure, but very often they just make us sink even deeper. Repeating over and over how disappointed we have been and how bad someone has behaved with us will only make that disappointment burn even more.

If someone has disappointed you, if he has played a bad joke on you, tell the others as well, but do not turn yourself into martyrs. Do not keep thinking about it and do not tie it to your finger, otherwise the thread of disappointment will turn into a chain that will never let you go on.

We all go through moments of sadness, anger and frustration in the face of disappointment, but we must not exaggerate these feelings. How can we overcome this bad habit?

"We are born crying, we live complaining, and we die disappointed."

-Thomas Fuller-

How to say goodbye to disappointment?

Being disappointed is part of life. Perhaps the secret is being able to take the blow when it happens, instead of holding on to it. Below, we offer you some tips that will allow you to say goodbye once and for all to the negative charge of disappointment.

  • Don't give it too much weight. Ok, they let you down, but that's it. If you keep talking and thinking about it, the snowball will get bigger and bigger and turn into an avalanche.
  • Keep your mind busy. Stop thinking about it all the time. Keep your mind focused on other things: dedicate time to your passions, to your daily commitments… Forget that harmful internal monologue.
  • Tell it to let off steam, but close the subject as soon as possible. Venting out is good, and it's a good idea to tell what happened to someone who understands you, but avoid doing it for long.
  • Focus on the good things that happen to you. Don't you realize that you are so focused on your disappointment that you don't notice the good things happening to you?
  • Do not forget that there are many beautiful people. Sure, some have disappointed you, but don't let that put you off. Remember that there are many other beautiful people in the world, who may be doing you a favor right now, to make you understand that they are not all like those who have disappointed you. There are so many wonderful people and opportunities waiting for you!
  • Don't be so strict, remember that you too are sometimes wrong. Do you think it only happens to others? Nobody is perfect, including you. Learn to forgive and forgive yourself.

 "Sadness and melancholy, outside my house."

-San Filippo Neri-

Learn to cultivate emotional balance, and don't let yourself get down on it so easily. To sink into negativity is of little use ... Only to make us unhappy.

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