Diet, to lose weight do not be in a hurry

To lose ten kilos in a month it is a wrong goal from a physical point of view (you should not lose more than 500 grams per week) e dangerous mentally.

Because if a few days can really be enough lose weight, the temptation becomes strong to postpone the start of the diet plan until next week. Motivation goodbye, and determination also falters.

Being impatient also means giving up the diet right away when you do not see the needle of the running scale go down. Instead, a good weight loss regime should become a daily habit, which we adapt over time and which allows us to do so lose weight slowly.

Without excessive restrictions, otherwise you continually think about what you cannot eat and dream of all that you can afford as soon as the much painful is over diet.

Ma spending all your time brooding over food makes you hungry, leads straight to failure and, once you reach the goal, in an instant you regain the lost kilos.


1. Get the true sense of weight loss: is not to achieve a rigid goal (“I want to get into certain clothes") Or to approve a standard model of thinness, but find your own psychophysical balance to be maintained over time.

And that allows you to feel good in your skin, without wearing the small size! This goal requires a good amount of time and a continuous and constant work on yourself, following one diet which can be prolonged throughout life.

2 . Put aside the temptation of "everything and now": often, it is precisely the psychological mechanism that prevents you from lose weight. Emotional greed makes your head refractory to sacrifice.

Because just as you don't know how to wait for the diet take its course, even more you don't know how to give up the next bite of something, since you try to to appease overwhelming anxiety with food which, on the other hand, needs to be deepened. Becoming aware of it is a fundamental step of the real change, and not just in terms of weight.

3. Do not establish kilograms and times of the diet: the impatience to reach them will lead you to make an excessive effort, which does not take into account either your weak sides or bad moments. There diet it is effective only if it is in tune with your lifestyle and adaptable to any occasion.

Don't set yourself a rigid goal allows you to tolerate the ups and downs of your weight loss journey: go wrong sometimes it is normal, otherwise everything becomes a strain that is difficult to bear.

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