Diet: three anti-cold recipes

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Temptation when the weather is gray and temperatures drop? Stuffing ourselves with foods rich in fats and sugars in the illusion that they serve to warm us up. "Nothing could be more wrong," says Carla Lertola, a dietician. "Although lipids are the most energetic foods, they are the least suitable for fighting the cold. Not even alcohol: it causes a vasodilation that gives a momentary sensation of heat.

On the other hand, all hot dishes are good (starting with soups and broths), especially if prepared with ingredients that, in addition to giving a little warmth, help to better resist the little discomforts of winter. I think of spices,, To dried fruit, to seasonal vegetables ». Fiorenzo Frumento, our biologist-chef, has brought them together in this menu that you can enjoy even if you want to lose weight. 

You just have to be careful not to exceed the quantities of the various foods provided by the Free Diet. "When you eat soup, for example, you have to give up milk for breakfast and remember that the carbohydrate share in this meal is covered by potatoes and rice," says Dr. Lertola. "If you eat 150 g of apples with dessert, you will have not 400 but 250 g of fruit available for the rest of the day". It's not complicated, but if you still have any doubts ask our experts.

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