Diet: the menu to recharge the mind

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The summer and the holidays are unfortunately over. «To resume the usual rhythms with determination, focus on a correct diet, starting from the first meal of the morning», suggests Carla Lertola, creator of our Free Diet.

 «Very important is the breakfast to the village: must provide the 20% of daily calories and be rich in complex carbohydrates (cereals, bread and biscuits or rusks) which ensure a good dose of energy for several hours and have an anti-stress action ».

"And if you want to feel a little more on vacation, have a healthy, low-calorie but delicious brunch on Sundays!", Says the dietician. Camilla Zambelli, who together with our dietician has balanced the nutrients and calories of the menu to ensure you the physical and mental sprint.

Le delicious recipes as always, they belong to our biologist chef Maria Paola Dall'Erta. Peppers are the protagonists: rich in vitamin B6, responsible for cell regeneration, and capers, sources of vitamins A, C and group B, to strengthen the body's defenses and make you always at the top ».

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