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Now that the cold months have passed who does not feel the urge to purify? "Leave behind the dishes rich in fats and sugars of winter (we all have a bit exaggerated!) And make room on the table for healthy foods and a source of substances useful for eliminating toxins»Advises Dr. Carla Lertola. "You will thus help the kidneys, liver and intestines to function at their best, relieving them of the surplus of work caused by a diet that is not always light and balanced" ·

Our biologist chef has developed a menu detox based only on vegetables. You know: in the Free Diet you can eat all the vegetables you want. But this time you have to give preference to the most suitable one to achieve your goal of "general cleaning": broccoli, cabbage, spring onions. "Together with bitter vegetables (catalonia, artichoke, radicchio) they are the best to stimulate diuresis, detoxify the liver and wake up the intestine ".

also the apples and pomegranates they are fine. However, with fruit you have to pay attention to the quantities. "Remember that you cannot exceed 400 grams per day: limited to the one provided in the menu of our Fiorenzo Frumento. It contains sugars which, consumed in excess, weigh on the figure and on health », warns Dr. Lertola.

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