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Diet An entire section of the site dedicated to diet, slimming, for athletes and specific for some diseases
Calculating calories Quickly calculate your daily calorie requirement and adjust your diet based on the result
Forget the calories! Are calories really that important for weight loss?
Diet and snacks The role of snacks in the diet
Diet and restaurant What is best to order when dining away from home? Which dishes are higher in calories?
Diet and breakfast The role of breakfast in the diet: which foods to prefer, which to avoid?
Diet and canteen How to reconcile the meals consumed at the bar or at the company canteen with your own food program
Beware of unnecessary calories Find out how easy it is to lose weight by eliminating unnecessary calories from your diet
Calorie consumption calculator in different sports activities Calculate how many calories you consume by practicing your favorite sport activity
Daily calorie requirement Calculate how many calories you need during the day
High-protein diet? Let's talk about.. Advantages and disadvantages of the high-protein diet
Diet chetogenica? Advantages and disadvantages of the ketogenic diet
The metabolic diet Food fashion or effective weight loss strategy?
The chronodiet Adjust your diet according to the time of day
Correct food combinations the dissociated diet Is it really that important to combine foods correctly?
The calories of macronutrients How many calories are contained in a gram of fat, carbohydrate or protein?
Calories of pizza Margherita, capricious, various tastes? A simple click for the personalized calculation of calories.
Calories of ice cream Cream, chocolate or strawberry? A simple click for the personalized calculation of calories.
Calories of coffee Macchiato, correct, with cream? A simple click for the personalized calculation of calories.
Alcohol and calories Find out how to calculate the calories of an alcoholic drink
Calories of food Function of nutrients and calories of food

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