Developing Patience: 5 Simple Habits

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Developing Patience: 5 Simple Habits

Last update: 14 September, 2019

Developing patience is very important for living smarter. However, we also know that between saying and doing there is the sea. Especially if we think that the current world is not exactly peaceful.

Developing patience is key because, in reality, the most important things in life take time. In any important process, action times must be combined with waiting times. Times of success and working times.

"Patience is a tree that has bitter roots and very sweet fruit."

-Persian proverb-

Developing patience is not easy, but neither is it impossible. The truth is that habits also play a part in this process. We get used to thinking quickly and not introducing room for waiting and necessary breaks. This is why it becomes important to acquire new habits that will help us be more patient. Here are 5.

Habits with which to develop patience

1. Don't judge

What does the habit of judging others have to do with the purpose of developing patience? To tell the truth, a lot. Sometimes we spend too much energy criticizing others. We think about the evil they do and what they could or should be. This exercise introduces a strong tension between no and the world.

In itself, judging others means adopting a hostile posture in the face of reality. This hostility often translates into intolerance. In turn, intolerance triggers impatience. Conversely, if we learn to accept others as they are, it will be easier for us to maintain our inner balance. As a result, we will be more likely to develop patience.

2. Distance yourself in conflicts

If we think for a moment, we will realize that most conflicts are useless. They arise from the malaise that everyone carries within himself. They generally lead nowhere. They are an expression of not wanting to adapt. In most cases they only cause further discomfort.

Conflict itself is not wrong, on the contrary it is often enriching because it allows us to see things from another point of view. It helps us avoid the mistakes we are about to make. We must, however, know how to manage conflicts: we must not allow them to continue over time and cause us to continue tension.

3. Recognize the contribution of others

To develop patience, it is essential to learn to value the contribution of others. There are so many people who do a lot for us. None of them are perfect, just like us, but they ultimately enrich our life and make it better.

When we ignore the contribution of others, we end up attaching the wrong importance to their smallest mistakes. Developing patience is possible by accepting and valuing. If we recognize the contribution of others, we will find ourselves in a more generous and peaceful dimension, with them and with ourselves.

4. Slow down

One of the great problems of our time is the obsession with speed. We have become enemies of slowness. We lose sight of the fact that the most important things in life take time. Sometimes the difference between a good and a bad decision is just a moment of waiting.

We are the builders of ourselves and of our own life. If we want it all too quickly, we can't build a solid structure. On the contrary, we weigh little and get fragile results. Instead, let's try to slow down every time we feel rushed.

5. Breathe

Breathing is a useful tool for a healthy mind and emotions. Oxygen is one of the most important foods for our brain. For this reason, everything related to breathing also concerns the proper functioning of our inner world.

Taking a moment to breathe, perhaps three times a day, is a very healthy habit that will help us develop patience. We should close our eyes and not think about anything. Only to the air that comes in and out, in the life that lives there.

To develop patience, you need to have patience, in fact it is not a goal that can be reached overnight. It takes time and effort. However, it is one of those results that change us forever and enormously enrich life. Try it too.

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