Detox weekend: recipes to purify yourself

by Marzia Nicolini

Acidic substances are created in our organism every second. The cells obtain the energy they need by "burning" the sugar and releasing carbon dioxide which, in contact with water molecules, is converted into carbonic acid. L'uric acid it is the main waste product of protein metabolism.

THEhydrochloric acid it is secreted by the gastric mucosa during digestion. But when the acidity becomes excessive, the health may be affected. The most common symptoms? Heartburn, reflux, inflammation of the joints... A book as soon as he comes out he explains how to run for cover. In just one weekend.

"A very simple way to counteract the excessive production of acids in the body is to provide it with more alkalizing substances," explains Margot Hellmiß, author of Weekend Acid-Base (see below). "Among the foods to be preferred are fruit and vegetables which, thanks to their high mineral content (such as potassium, calcium and sodium), effectively counteract the acidification of our internal environment.

Also drinking a lot helps the "rebalancing" process, as well as including foods such as nettle, dandelion, pumpkin and watercress in the diet, known to stimulate the excretory system.

To limit, as far as possible, is the intake of animal proteins (meat, fish, sausages) and the consumption of sweets". Here you will find the list of the main foods, spices, aromatic herbs and herbal products to keep at hand for your weekend detox.


In Weekend acido-base (Il Punto d'incontro editions, 160 pages, € 10,90), the author Margot Hellmiß, German journalist expert on healthy eating, natural health treatments and alternative therapies, suggests you how to reduce acidity which can be harmful to your body. 

The menu you will read below is taken from the book, in which you can also find recipes with seasonal ingredients, easy to prepare, along with many wellness and fitness tips. 

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