Detox: the menu for your purifying day

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by Francesca Soccorsi

Detoxify the body, dispose of excess calories, start the metabolism and rebalance the hormones that regulate it: these are the goals you can achieve if you follow a “deep cleansing program".

«The real purification starts from liver, an organ that captures toxins, “wraps” them and allows us to eliminate them through feces or urine.

Contrary to what many think, however, to detoxify don't skip meals or go on a liquid diet. Of course, fasting is better than a high-calorie binge, but it does not restore the efficiency of the organs or even the liver function and, therefore, the metabolism.

Instead, we must focus on "choleretic and cholagogue" foods which activate the functions of the liver », explains Dr. Sara Farnetti, specialist in internal medicine and functional nutrition.


"The menu that we offer includes foods such as extra virgin olive oil, coffee, chocolate and chilli, which stimulate the flow and the bile production.

It provides eggs as a protein source: they do not tire the kidneys and start the work of the liver. Finally, a fundamental ingredient is ginger, an excellent stimulator of digestive processes », advises the expert.


Ginger juice (put in the extractor 1 lemon unpeeled with the peel, 3 cm of ginger root and add 1/2 glass of water) + bruschetta with homemade bread toasted and extra virgin olive oil.


1 coffee with 1 square of cextra fondant ioccolata (at least 80%).


2 poached eggs + 1 plate of escarole in a pan with olives and chilli + 1 kiwi.




A dish of rocket with basil + 70 g of country wheat pasta slowly dried, cooked al dente and creamed with hot oil e fresh tomato, grated ginger, basil and chilli + grilled radicchio + tisane with untreated lemon and apple peel and a bay leaf.

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