Detox: how to choose water to purify yourself

    Detox: how to choose water to purify yourself

    L'water in general, even that of the tap is notoriously among the main allies for purify the organism. To amplify its action Detox, perhaps after a period of food cheating, however, the most effective solution lies in choosing specifics bottled mineral waters: "They contain high concentrations of substances capable of stimulating the activity of the main excretory organs of the body, starting from the kidneys and liver, so they are very useful for promoting detoxification of the organism », explains the doctor , nutritionist and homeopath in Livorno, Pisa and Grosseto.

    The characteristics of purifying waters

    "The action purifying it is maximum if you focus on the water sulphate-magnesian, On bicarbonate and on sulfuree, to be chosen according to individual needs, as we will explain later », continues our expert.

    «The former have a content of sulphates higher than 200 mg / l (but less than 250 mg / l, otherwise they are no longer drinkable) and a quantity of magnesium higher than 50 mg / l. The latter, on the other hand, have a content of bicarbonate higher than 600 mg / l, while in the sulphurous ones the quantity of hydrogen sulphide is equal to or greater than 1 mg / l. Reading thelabel it allows you to easily identify the type of water ».

    How much water to drink and when

    Here's how exploit it at most the property: «The best results are obtained by drinking 2-2,5 liters of water throughout the day, starting in the morning as soon as you get up. You can carry out cycles of 10-15 days, to be repeated 3-4 times during the year », explains the expert.

    "So reactivate intestinal functions, stimulate the work of the liver and promote the diuresis: all essential mechanisms to allow the body to get rid of waste substances ».

    «The advice is to drink between meals, both to better assimilate the minerals, and because when we are fasting the water "collects" better the waste and toxins it encounters in the intestinal lumen and facilitates their excretion », concludes .

    Which water to choose, depending on your needs

    • For stomach and intestine «Sulphate-magnesium is recommended: they promote gastric emptying, relax intestinal muscles and activate transit, thus accelerating the elimination of waste from the digestive system», advises the expert.

    • For the liver "Focus on bicarbonate water: it facilitates digestion, stimulates the secretion of pancreatic enzymes and has a choleretic and cholagogue action, that is, it promotes the production and excretion of bile", suggests the nutritionist.

    • For the skin «With sulphurous waters you cleanse the epidermis thanks to their antiseptic, antioxidant and antiseborrhoeic action. In addition, the high sulfur content favors the detoxification of the whole body from heavy metals and free radicals, with the benefits on the skin visible already in a few days », assures our expert.

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