Detox foods: what they are and when to take them

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I detoxifying foods, such as lemon, flaxseed and grapes, are useful for delete the toxins mostly accumulated with the introduction of excess and low quality foods. Let's find out what they are and how to take them.

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Why detoxify

Periodically subjecting the body to a detoxification treatment should be the practice and not just a practice to be used in the event of a "line emergency". The body in fact works at full capacity if the organs responsible for the detoxification itself are clean and therefore better willing to face the cleansing and filtering work of the organism.

Detoxify yourself from mostly accumulated toxins with the introduction of excess and low-quality foods it therefore means giving "oxygen" to the cells and increasing the chances of living in health and beauty. Therefore, detoxification is not only a “fact of health” but also of aesthetics.

A purified and detoxified body it is also synonymous with youth and beauty. After detoxification, the skin appears brighter, the eyes shine and the hair is shinier and healthier. 


Detoxification methods

When we want to resort to a detoxifying treatment we have to ask ourselves some questions to understand if we need a systemic or more targeted detoxification.

If you feel bloated and heavy with a generalized sense of unease associated with sleepiness with fluctuating appetite perhaps the whole organism needs a good cleaning.

If, on the other hand, it is the belly that swells e the intestine does not work at full capacity we must focus on the latter and on liver. Nausea, excessively glossy tongue and halitosis offer three valid ideas to take care of our digestion and our liver by definitely taking care of nutrition.

Dull skin with limited diuresis due to its yellowish color and pungent odor makes us think of gods Reindeer a little over load.


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Detoxifying and anti-toxin foods

Il lemon it is one of the most natural and valid remedies that we can find on the market. Low cost and easy to find, this fruit is able to work miracles on our body. Its juice squeezed and drunk in warm water is able, contrary to what is believed, to unblock the most stubborn intestines and cleanse the body from the excesses of the glues taken with an unbalanced diet.

Two tablespoons of ground flax seeds and added to vegetable or classic yogurt, to cooked fruit or fruit salad, in a homemade dessert or in soups or sauces are able to provide all the nutrients and fatty acids useful for a good detoxifying treatment.

Milk thistle is useful for the liver. We can take it in the form of tincture or better still in a salad dressed with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and accompanied by a slice of homemade millet and buckwheat bread.

Medicinal mushrooms that have detoxifying properties also come to the body's aid from mycotherapy of the most important organs of our body.

But let's not forget the basic ingredient for a perfect detox: the water which must be chosen according to personal needs. The way the water is distributed throughout the day is, on the other hand, extremely important; it is indeed necessary drink on an empty stomach in the morning as soon as you get up and preferably between meals during the following hours. Drinking limited quantities of water makes any attempt at purification and detoxification by the body against toxins useless.

In addition to water also drink herbal teas and some types of tea they can help us in the delicate but important body cleansing and drainage work. Bancha tea and white tea are two types of tea that are just right for you. The first is naturally free of caffeine and theine but rich in minerals and with an important diuretic action. The second, on the other hand, has a rather strong antioxidant action.

“The garden” and phytotherapy offer products of great interest: nettle remineralizes and cleans while dandelion (or dandelion) works well on the liver and has a good energizing action on the kidneys.

The apple, the grape and sprouts are the best to cleanse the liver, intestines and to improve digestion. For maximum yield it is advisable to consume these raw foods. Brown rice and oats are excellent for regulating the intestine and to support us from those annoying pains due to an excess of purines (metabolic wastes derived mostly from foods of animal origin) introduced into our diet.


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The detox diet

The wrong diet is highly inflammatory and harmful to our physical and emotional well-being. A weighted body is not only seen but also "felt".

The feeling of having a balloon inside our belly is definitely annoying and uncomfortable. It influences not only the aesthetics of our silhouette but also the mood and social relationships. In fact, the saying “if we are not comfortable with ourselves we cannot give the best to those around us” is valid.

To remedy all this we propose a day to devote to detoxifying our body, to be repeated as needed.

Morning: on an empty stomach, start by drinking a nice glass of warm water with the squeezed juice of a lemon and a teaspoon of honey.

Breakfast: a cup of white or Japanese tea, fresh or cooked fruit according to the season and a barley.

Mid morning: Draining herbal tea to be repeated in the afternoon (one cup).

Lunch: a cup of brown rice or oats or buckwheat and millet. Half grated fennel and seasoned with oil and lemon.

Merenda: some almonds or a vegetable yogurt

Price: A salmon steak seasoned with herbs and spices, extra virgin olive oil and lemon. A medium to large bowl of salad with watercress, apple, carrot, and kiwi.

After dinner: two dried plums and an herbal tea made from nettle and mint


The detox diet to sculpt the body

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