Detox foods, what are they?

Detox foods, what are they?

The consumption of certain foods can be useful for improving physiologicals mechanisms of purification and detoxification of the organism.

Obviously, so that our body remains healthy and free from toxins it is not enough to consume detox foods; one must, in fact, follow an active lifestyle and one Healthy diet, avoiding all those substances that contribute to "intoxicating" the body: alcohol, cigarette smoke, junk food.


Detox foods: lemon

When it comes to detox foods, the lemon. One of the best known remedies to detoxify the body is to drink a glass of lukewarm water with lemon juice, in the morning, on an empty stomach.

The lemon, in fact, has diuretic qualities that facilitate the detoxification processes of the liver and intestine, also facilitating the slimming.

The action of hot water with lemon juice stimulates intestinal peristalsis and promotes evacuation, freeing the intestine.

To get the maximum benefit lemons must be maturi and they go consumed immediately after squeezing them; the intake of water and lemon in the morning should be cyclical and linked to the specific needs of the period.


Detox, but what does it mean?


Detox foods: green leafy vegetables

Le green leafy vegetables they are very rich in chlorophyll, dietary fiber, water e Vitamins; all substances that favor the purification of the organism.

Include them in the diet it's very easy: just offer them as a side dish for lunch or dinner, raw and simply seasoned with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt, apple vinegar or lemon juice.

However, it is important to choose seasonal vegetables from organic farming to avoid the possible presence of pesticides.


Detox foods: artichokes

I artichokes contain cinnarine, a substance that promotes diuresis and bile secretion; they are also rich in fiber and therefore useful for intestinal regularity.

The infusion of artichoke leaves it is a detox remedy as it stimulates the diuresis and helps eliminate toxins.


Detox foods, grapes

La grape diet it is one of the best known detox diets and has been known since ancient times. L'grape contains a lot of water, in addition to sugars and a good share of minerals and vitamins; has purifying, detoxifying, toning and antioxidant properties.

To fully benefit from its qualities, it should be consumed when it is fully ripe and without removing the peel or the seeds.

If the grape detox diet proper is not always advisable as excessively restrictive, on the other hand, it is useful for the body to take advantage of autumn to benefit from the properties of grapes.


Other detox foods

Other detox foods?

  • I flax seed provide fatty acids and nutrients useful for detoxifying the body;
  • il milk thistle helps rid the liver of toxins;
  • some herbal teas and teas, for example the white tea or a herbal tea made from dandelion, stimulate the body's purification mechanisms;
  • i Whole grains they are always preferable to refined ones because they are richer in fibers and minerals;
  • i shoots help cleanse the intestines and liver;
  • le apples, rich in pectin and water help keep the intestine clean and regulate the passage of glucose from the intestine to the blood.

In general, a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains helps the body and keep itself healthy and free from harmful substances.


The water to purify

The purification of the organism cannot be separated from a sufficient supply of water, which must be chosen according to one's needs.

The way in which the water is distributed throughout the day is also important: it should be drink in the morning, on an empty stomach, and possibly between meals throughout the day.



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