Detox effect with taste: use dill in the kitchen to cleanse the body

    Detox effect with taste: use dill in the kitchen to cleanse the body

    Among the many properties ofdill, a herbaceous plant similar to wild fennel, there is that of detoxify the body from slags and waste substances. With Sara Ciastellardi, nutritionist and homeopath in Livorno, Pisa and Grosseto, let's see why and how to consume it to get the maximum benefit.

    Why is it a valid purifying plant and what contraindications it has

    "L'dill it is rich in fibers, which accelerate intestinal transit and therefore cleanse the colon, vitamins (in particular A, but also some of the B and C groups), mineral salts (including calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc), essential oils, eugenol and limonene, a mix useful for activating diuresis and helping the liver in its functions »explains the expert. «Furthermore, it is effective in case of halitosis due to the malfunctioning of the liver, one of the fundamental filter organs of our body».

    THEdill it has no particular contraindications: it is better to avoid taking it if you are exposed to the sun's rays, because it can cause photosensitization reactions, e se si suffer from low blood pressure, because there is a risk that it accentuates the problem.

    Use aromatic herbs in the kitchen

    You can use thedill in so many ways. «In the Middle East and Northern Europe, the fresh leaves, which you find in organic shops and in many supermarkets, are a widely used ingredient in soups, salads and even on salmon.

    There are also those who use the semi, available in herbal medicine and large retailers, for chew them, to prepare infusions e herbal teas, to add them to the bread dough »says the nutritionist.

    The recipe: the antitoxin sauce of yogurt and dill

    Try it in the our salsa, made with other detoxifying ingredients, such as yogurt, spring onion and cucumbers. Here she is:

    Ingredients for 4 people: 2 jars of natural unsweetened white yogurt, 2 tablespoons of fresh dill leaves, 2 cucumbers, 1/2 fresh onion, 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, salt to taste

    How to prepare it: peel the cucumbers and blend them with the spring onion, yogurt, extra virgin olive oil and salt. Add the chopped dill leaves and continue to blend until smooth. You can use this sauce to dress salads, vegetable dips and boiled potatoes.

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