Deadlines: How to avoid stress

    Deadlines: How to avoid stress

    they always put us in tension. It is a reality
    which affects us all and which, on several occasions, we must necessarily face.
    Some react positively to the deadlines set while others
    they get overwhelmed by stress.

    This is due to the fact that we consider deadlines
    as a threat that forces us to work in a hurry and make decisions
    reckless that we may later regret. Anyway, actually the
    deadlines can also turn into productivity allies. Indeed, there
    they are people for whom the set dates are an incentive that allows
    them to be more effective, engage more at work and get better
    results in the shortest possible time. A
    deadline two ways to deal with it

    A Expiration date
    it doesn't have to be stressful, actually we can
    take advantage of this little adrenaline rush and let it play ours
    favor. For example, let's say your boss just set a date
    deadline for a project you have already been working on for a few days. TO
    at this point you have two options: to be assailed by fear and doubts or, to take advantage
    an opportunity to test your skills. If you allow stress to affect you, you will be incapable
    to generate new ideas, to organize the work properly and probably
    you will suffer from headaches and you will often be in a bad mood. On the contrary, if
    accept that this situation generates eustress
    (positive stress), you will find yourself filled with energy that will help you finish the
    project on time. As
    turning expiration dates into a positive stimulus

    The phrase: “everything
    it depends on the lens with which you look "has never been so adequate.
    In reality, just eliminate the negative stereotypes about deadlines
    pre-established, something like unplug from the disadvantages to connect
    to the benefits that generate the set deadlines. The first benefit that an expiration date brings is
    to determine the start date of the project. This represents a
    incentive for those who have the habit of leaving everything for the last hour. There are some very simple and easy tricks to
    apply that will allow you to manage expiration dates without stressing yourself
    too: 1.
    Divide the project into phases
    and establish yourself one
    deadline date for completing each of them. So you will hear that
    you are moving forward and you will not panic. This yes; remember to
    leave a margin for any kind of unexpected. 2.
    Determine what the most important steps are
    which you cannot postpone
    during the implementation of the project and eliminate all distractions. 3.
    Leave a space to relax.
    Normally when there
    we are faced with a fixed expiration date, instead of eliminating the
    distractions (such as the habit of being constantly connected to social networks)
    we just stop going to the gym, exercising and sleeping
    less. In reality, these activities are important because they serve to rest
    our brain, allow the body to get rid of the accumulated tension
    during the day and, with a little luck, they are an empowering stimulus
    the creativity. 4.
    Take advantage of the times of the day when you are most productive
    dedicate them to activities that fall within the set deadlines. In
    this way you can work more in less time. 5.
    Reject unnecessary compromises.
    Normally people
    very capable tend to take on too much work and this generates them
    voltage. If you have deadlines to meet for a lot of projects
    important, do not compromise yourself with new projects, because this will do nothing else
    than to increase the tension. Remember that
    learning to say no assertively is one of the keys to living with less
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