Day 12 | How To Lift A Christmas Tree? Deadlift

How To Lift A Christmas Tree?

There are times when, as a weightlifter, your technique is required outside the gym.

One of these is Christmas, when you have to lift the tree and load it into the car or go get those boxes full of decorations up in the attic.

Luckily you've never skipped a leg workout. Christmas is the right time to turn around and look at the past year, during which you have probably trained your legs a lot, so your deadlift technique will now be perfect and everyone will be able to notice it when it comes time to lift the tree.

Perfecting your deadlift technique can be very useful outside the gym and will ensure that you avoid harming yourself by doing a lift in the wrong way.

Day 12 | How To Lift A Christmas Tree? Deadlift

1. Perfect the deadlift technique

Imagine a fixed point in the center of your chest and stare at it in the mirror, then keep your chest out and chin up and focus on the hamstrings. arch your back as you lift).

Hold the bar with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms slightly apart. Be careful that the bar does not touch your shins.

In lifting the tree it is likely that your legs come into contact with the branches, but make sure they don't touch the trunk (wear pants that protect you from pine needles). Bend your knees until you can touch the bar (or trunk) with your shins and inhale, easing your breathing as you straighten your back.

Keep in mind that the deadlift with a lot of weight will contract, in addition to the hamstrings, also the neck, back, shoulders and delts.

Make sure your quadriceps are tight and that you are not straining your lower back.

It is time to be cheerful, not injured for using the wrong technique. Don't be creative when it comes to deadlifts, instead think about doing a "fixed movement". An incorrect movement, a jump out of time or an effort directed at the wrong muscles could mean spending one or more Christmas celebrations at rest, with the ice bag, next to your tree still lying on the ground.

Pay attention to every movement and be aware of every muscle you isolate. This is not to say that you need to fear or worry about possible injury while performing a deadlift more than you do with any other type of weightlifting. However, it is necessary to be aware of the ailments that could be caused to the back, neck and shoulders when performing this exercise.

2. How to avoid getting hurt?

Warm up your muscles. Always stretch your quads, back, torso and shoulders before starting your workout. Do a few tests before starting to lift: first perform the deadlift movements without a bar, then, when you feel confident, try the bar without weights.

Remember: medium to large Christmas trees range from 18 to 23 pounds. Only the Olympic bar weighs 20kg, so if you can lift the bar without additional weights, lifting the mast shouldn't be a problem. The rules for trying to avoid injuries are the same.

3. Frequent mistakes

What you hear most frequently when deadlifting is a lower back pain.

This is often due to your back being too arched and leaning too far forward at your hips before lifting.

Another main mistake to avoid is that of keep the bar away from the body, rather than close (keep in mind that the bar should almost touch the top of your shins as you lift, and stay close as you reach a standing position).

When closing the movement, avoid excessive extension of the lower back and do not lean back too far, even if it is to get away from the pine needles.

Other safety measures include the weightlifting belt, which gives extra support, and something that aids in your grip. At the gym you can use lifting gloves or chalk to strengthen your natural grip.

For the tree use thick gloves that protect you from pine needles, so you have a good grip on the tree. A gym buddy or mirror will help you figure out how to work on your technique, but, even as you lift your tree, it's a good idea to have someone take a look at you.

Last but not least: recover. You've been working out and working your muscles, so it's time to get protein and carbohydrates. Pull up your tree, decorate it, and while they're admiring the Christmas wreaths and presents beneath it, show everyone how good you are at the deadlift.


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