Daikon: why it is good and how to consume it

    Daikon: why it is good and how to consume it

    "The daikon it looks like a big white carrot, but it's actually a type of radish which comes from the Far East. It also has a flavor similar, spicy e sour, even if more intense, ”he explains Francesco Beldì, agronomist and expert in organic cultivation. «It is an easy root to grow: the seeds germinate very quickly and in just under 2 months you can already bring it to the table. Spring and the end of summer are the best times to start cultivation ».

    Where to find the seeds and how to do it

    You can also find them organic both in garden centers and online. Choose a land that is sunny and not too stony. Dig a shallow furrow and place 1 seed every 10cm, then cover with a thin layer of earth. Wet gently and always keep slightly moist.

    How to care for the seedling

    When the seedlings have the first 4 leaves, fertilize with a pelleted organic fertilizer, preferably of vegetable origin (for example based on stillage). Water at sunset and wait for the leaves to begin to sag before wetting again. Harvest when the root tip is about 3cm in diameter.

    A precious food

    «The daikon has properties detoxifying, diuretic e draining. More helps burn fat, because it is able to metabolize them. And it's perfect even if you are on a diet, because it has about 15 calories per 100g, ”he explains Alessandra Zappa, nutritionist biologist.

    "Rich in mineral salts and vitamin C, it is eaten mostly cooked. It is excellent steamed, baked and in soups, but it is also good raw in salads. The only warning: the top of the root has a less intense flavor ».

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