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After the white Daikon Daikon Black root is also coming to our tables. It is a kind of dark bulb native to Japan, which can be used for salads and soups, in fact it is eaten both fresh raw and dried.

It differs from what we have now learned to appreciate, only for a pigment that connotes the color of the external part, while the pulp is white and with a pungent flavor like white daikon.

It has multiple properties, but the one that draws the most attention is its own potential fat burning effect and consequently beneficial effects on the body.


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Properties of Daikon Nero

> Thermogenic properties: black daikon has a fat burning action, since stimulates the metabolic response of saturated lipids, transforming them into energy, protects the liver and improves its functionality.

Daikon is also able to neutralize the fats of the foods it accompanies in the dish, it can therefore be a “smart” side dish if combined with particularly caloric foods.

> Digestive properties: it favors the digestion of fatty or fried foods, in fact in Japanese cuisine it is often presented fresh at the end of the meal as a corrector, thanks to the presence of enzymes such as amylase, diastase and esterase that stimulate the gastric response.

> Purifying properties: the black daikon urges the production of urine for a better disposal of toxins through diuresis, and promotes the activity of the excretory organs to purify the body. Dry root is particularly effective compared to fresh root.

> Remineralizing properties: the black daikon it is rich in mineral salts such as phosphorus, sodium, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, selenium and zinc. It helps to feed our bone composition and thanks to the presence of vitamin complexes of group B and vitamin C also plays antioxidant action against free radicals and strengthens the immune system.

> Mucolytic and antibacterial properties: the vitamin complex, but also the presence of sulforaphane give the Daikon Black anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and mucolytic properties, because it is able to counteract inflammation, excess mucus formation, and promote the expectoration of phlegm.



Benefits of Daikon Black

Il Daikon Nero, thanks to its very low calorie intake, it can be easily inserted into our diet to facilitate digestion, to allow a natural body purification process but also to strengthen our body.

We can indeed draw benefits for our cardiovascular system since it reduces the amount of fat consumed with food and promotes adipolysis in the digestive phase, facilitating gastric and hepatic functions and limiting the onset of harmful cholesterol. Its fiber content facilitates intestinal transit and promotes its regularity.

Its antibacterial action counteracts forms of infection and inflammation both of the airways due to excess mucus, and of the gastrointestinal system.

The lymphatic circulation thanks to the effective draining power of Daikon Black it will benefit from it: purification of toxins and diuresis are features that improve the quality of tissues and prevent inflammation from intoxication.

Cellular exchanges without oxidative stress, the correct remineralizing contribution, contribute to the health of the skeletal system, to the right bone density and elasticity.


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