Cultivate friendship with ourselves

Cultivate friendship with ourselves

Cultivating friendship with ourselves is the best way to achieve full satisfaction and vital balance

Last update: July 26, 2022

Cultivating friendship with ourselves gives one of the most complete sensations, simply because it is our soul that loves and protects us the most. In all situations in life, no matter what happens, no one will help us more than ourselves to overcome every problem.

Think about it for a moment: nothing is like being in the company of a friend. And if you add to this idea that it is your best friend, the feeling of fullness increases dramatically. Well, if you find your best friend in your ego, instead of looking for him outside, it will be wonderful.

Being at peace with yourself is the best feeling you can experience. Hundreds of practices, religions and even drugs promise to lead to inner happiness and peace. However, the richest source of happiness is within us, because in addition to being available when we want it, it is inexhaustible.

Until the end of life we ​​can tap into a feeling of peace that not even all the gold in the world will be able to buy.

When your best friend is just you

When Hal Hershfield, a psychologist and professor at the University of Los Angeles, asked at a conference “who would you say is your worst enemy?“, Most of the audience agreed that we can be ourselves., a non-profit organization, said in the article Understanding Your Emotions that in the face of negative emotions, the best thing is to identify them and describe them in words. This helps us to significantly reduce the harmful impact. It's called emotional consciousness and it's a skill that allows us to socialize in a less hostile way.

Look into each other's eyes and don't lie

There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that whatever mistakes you make, you will enjoy a sincere relationship with yourself. Because in truth, the task of initiating an honest inner dialogue is difficult if we are not used to it. Look into each other's eyes and don't lie, have the courage to say what we really feel.

If we learn to talk to ourselves in a frank, calm and conscious way, thoughts, feelings and actions will find a balance. The easiest way to find peace and happiness is to be consistent with what you think, do and feel.

On many occasions, we don't know the reason for our dissatisfaction; apparently we lack nothing, materially or emotionally. We cannot, however, find peace. When we are truly at peace and can establish a sincere bond of friendship with ourselves, everything else flows like a stream of crystal clear water.

Cultivating friendship with ourselves is not easy, it is not possible overnight. Like everything, it requires work, effort, and long-term planning.

There are also those who manage to obtain it with little effort because they have understood that feeling inner peace is the only way to overcome the barriers of hatred, resentment and dissatisfaction, to simply experience the fullness that comes from balance.

Cultivating friendship with ourselves allows us to love others

It must be remembered that cultivating friendship with ourselves does not mean living as hermits, but loving others as ourselves. When the ego is in complete balance, loving one's neighbor is not difficult, quite the opposite. 

In this sense, learning to accept and love each other is the indispensable condition for everything to flow in the right way. When we love each other and we love others, everything becomes easier to solve. And if you can't solve the problem right now, just go further.

It is essential to have respect for the feelings and thoughts that we gradually experience. Cultivating friendship with ourselves improves our personal relationship, assures us a well-being that goes beyond any possible problem. Because, in the end, What about life if we can't feel love and peace in the soul?

Are you ready to be your best friend?

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