Cucumber juices rich in vitamins and minerals

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Thirst-quenching, cheap, when there is a plant in the garden they grow in abundance: i cucumbers are the kings ofsummer hydration.

We eat them in salads, like appetizers with fresh cheeses or even in fruit salads.

Often and willingly they become essential ingredients of thirst-quenching, anti-heat and hyper-hydrating centrifuged.

Here to follow 3 recipes of cucumber-based anti-hot mash, to fill up on vitamins and minerals every day, they can be alternated, as part of daily training, accompanied by fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Skin, intestines, bladder, mood and energy will benefit, seeing is believing!


Centrifuged with cucumber, refreshing and remineralizing

Ingredients for 2/3 people:
> a couple of cucumbers,
> gave 2 meles,
> 3 carrots
> a small piece of fresh ginger

Preparation: clean the ingredients well and spin them all together. This centrifuged hydrates and remineralizes the body. In addition, thanks to ginger, it plays a valuable role action of natural antibiotic, protecting the body from the new viruses that the sudden heat can feed. Carrots, rich in beta-carotene, make your skin ready to receive the sun's rays.


Centrifoged with cucumbers to protect the skin from the sun

Ingredients for 2/3 people:
> 4 slices of melon,
> a couple of yellow peaches,
> a couple of medium sized cucumbers

Preparation: centrifuge all the ingredients well cleaned and peeled. Cucumber gives water, peach and melon so much sweetness and energy, thanks to potassium, magnesium and calcium and help the skin to protect itself from the sun, with beta-carotene and vitamin C. This juice is also slightly laxative, therefore excellent for the intestine and kidney health.


Centrifuged with cucumbers and citrus fruits: a detoxifying mix

Ingredients for 2/3 people:
> a couple of grapefruits (pink or yellow to taste),
> 2 cucumbers,
> a couple of lemons,
> a glass of sparkling water (to taste, even natural)
> a few fresh mint leaves

Preparation: clean well and spin everything. Finally add the cool sparkling water and serve with lemon slices and fresh mint leaves. Ideal for cleaning up waste and toxins, this cucumber and citrus juice is rich in vitamin C, moisturizing, ideal for breakfast or a snack.

Consiglio: centrifuged drinks should be consumed immediately, avoiding keeping them in the refrigerator, to fully enjoy their fantastic properties.


Detox juice of ginger and cucumber: properties and benefits



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