Crying is like a hug

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Crying is like a hug

Last update: 23 March, 2015

There is one thing in my life that has always made me wonder who I really am. The fact is, whenever something bad happened to me, unlike many people, it was impossible for me to shed even a single tear.. I was unable to make my eyes some sort of escape from everything pain that I harbored inside of me. But did this mean that I was indifferent and insensitive to everything that was happening around me? Certainly no, it couldn't be like that.

With the passage of time I realized that, simply, these adverse episodes were helping me to become an emotionally stronger person, someone who has always used pain to grow and become a more mature person, able to do his best not to fall into the same mistake again.

And so today, when I happen to think back to the past, with all its good and bad moments, sometimes I find myself crying as I remember everything I went through before becoming who I am. In these moments, the emotion fills my whole body; it's a very difficult feeling to describe, which I could define as happiness. This feeling has shown me that I am not an empty person, but I am able to hear, cry or laugh depending on the moment and the situation.

Crying is good for our emotions

Experts say that the human being cries both in moments of sadness and in moments of happiness, because these are extreme situations in which feelings (good or bad) suddenly emerge. And so, our body is no longer able to contain all these emotions, so it has to externalize them in the form of tears. Interesting, right?

On the other hand, it is also said that, if we cry with joy, the first tear will come out of the right eye, while if we cry with sadness, it will come out of the left one. One way or another, crying is a very healthy way of expressing all of our anger, happiness, sadness, or sense of helplessness, so don't be afraid and do not hold back the tears.

But where do I want to go by telling you this? I want to invite you to live your life in the most intense way possible: do not be afraid to make mistakes, because everything in life can be solved. Cry only to express your feelings, to release the stress and anger that you have inside, not to feel sorry for yourself. When you cry, you are shedding adrenaline and norepinephrine, a hormone and neurotransmitter associated with stressful situations. This produces a feeling of relief and tranquility, which you have certainly experienced many times over.

Regarding the weeping of compassion, as Rabindranath Tagore, a famous Indian writer said: "If you cry for losing the sun, tears will not allow you to see the stars".

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