Cronofasting diet: lose weight and age better

"Fast I? Are you kidding? I arrive in the evening devouring the legs of the table! ”. How many times, to those who propose to you skipping meals, you answered like this. Understandable, if the proposal is a complete fast. But if it were a partial fast, limiting the diet at a time slot?

From morning until early dinner or, conversely, from late breakfast until dinner. And the Cronofasting diet, developed by the American gurus of medicina antiage with one eye on the scales and one on the biological clock.

Basically, a part-time regime, studied by scientists of the caliber of long walter, director of the Longevity Institute of the University of Southern California, and Mark Mattson, neuroscientist of the National Institute on Aging of Maryland (USA): for years he has been dealing with how slow down the hands of time through the power supply.

On closer inspection, everyone instinctively tends to focus on food consumption at certain times of the day. There are those who skip breakfast, drinking only a coffee, have lunch with a sandwich and reserve the main meal of the day in the evening, when the family gathers at the table. And who, on the other hand, has a king's breakfast, a full lunch and at dinner time, picks something up in front of the TV.

It is therefore a question of supporting the rhythms of your body, listen to the appetite, which is not always the same but intermittent, like a light that turns on and off. "I've never had breakfast in 35 years," Mark Mattson told The New York Times on March 6. «As soon as I wake up I have him closed stomach and it comes naturally to me not
touch food. I concentrate my meals in the afternoon-evening, after work, when I have more time to enjoy things. Sure, in the western society, in which three large, more innumerable meals are eaten snacks and drinks from morning until midnight, the semi-fast proposal is disruptive. But it is the right way to lose weight healthy".

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