Crepes: the original recipe and 20 variations

Have you ever tried to prepare the Crepes in home? The trick is to use a very hot pan or a special non-stick pan. The Crepes they really suit all tastes, just vary the recipes.

In fact, to satisfy everyone's dietary needs you can prepare crepes in numerous variations, from Sweet crepes salad crepes but also vegan crepes, crepes without eggs and gluten-free.

Here is the complete basic crepes recipe and many variations to experiment.


Crepes, the original recipe

There are many recipes for making crepes at home. The suggestion is to choose a recipe that is as close as possible to the French original. You will realize this above all for the result you will get. Here are all the instructions for making crepes at home.

Vegan crepes

You can prepare the vegan crepes in both sweet and savory versions. The suggestion is to keep the dough neutral in order to fill the crepes as desired. You will find that eggs and dairy products are not always necessary to prepare excellent crepes. Here the recipes.

Baked crepes with radicchio and ricotta

If you want to prepare some vegetarian crepes very rich, choose radicchio and ricotta for the filling and add grated cheese or other fresh cheeses, herbs alla your city to taste, salt and pepper. Here our recipe.

Crepes Suzette

The crepes immediately make you think of France but in reality one of the recipes of a typical dessert very common in this country, the Crepe suzette, is originally from the Principality of Monaco. Orange juice and lemon juice give the crepes suzette their characteristic taste. Here the recipe.

Crepes without gluten

: Master Nature

To prepare gluten-free crepes, choose a gluten-free flour specific for celiacs or you can simply use corn starch (you can find it in the supermarket under the name of maizena). Here the recipe for gluten-free crepes.


Crepes without eggs

: In the kitchen with loaf

To prepare the crepes without eggs you will have to dose well the proportions between the flour and the liquid ingredients. For example, you will need milk, extra virgin olive oil, flour and sugar to prepare sweet egg-free crepes. Eliminate the sugar for the salty version. In the kitchen with loaf the recipe for crepes without eggs.


Crepes without butter

: Chiara with gusto

It is not mandatory to use butter to prepare crepes. You can replace the butter with extra virgin olive oil both for the preparation of the dough and for cooking, but only if necessary. In fact, you can prepare the crepes without butter only with milk, eggs and flour. Here the recipe.

Crepes with Thermomix

: Silvana in the kitchen

The procedure for prepare the crepes with the Thermomix it is very simple as it is enough to pour all the ingredients into the jug and blend for 30 seconds at speed 5. Then you will have to let the dough rest and then move on to cooking in a pan. Here the recipe.

Quick and easy crepes

This crepes recipe allows you to quickly and easily make excellent sweet and savory crepes. It does not require rest times and you will need few ingredients and a few kitchen tools. Here all the instructions.

Self-produced Nutella crepes

: The garlic clove

Any recipe to prepare homemade crepes in a sweet version will be excellent to fill with homemade Nutella that you can easily prepare by following our instructions. Here is a recipe for Nutella crepes to take inspiration from.


Crepes without eggs with oil

: Loti64

To prepare some crepes without eggs and with oil to replace the butter you will simply need water, flour, extra virgin olive oil, milk and a pinch of salt. By adding sugar you will get sweet crepes. Here the recipe.

Crepes with rice flour

: Scent of ginger and cinnamon

With rice flour you can prepare sweet or savory crepes in a slightly different way than usual, especially if you want to replace the classic wheat flour. Here is the recipe to follow.

Savory crepes with chickpea flour

: Sugar free dessert

Choose chickpea flour if you want to prepare very simple crepes in a savory version with or without eggs, according to your needs, and at the same time also gluten-free. Here is the recipe to follow.

Crepes with wholemeal oat flour

: Vivi Light

With wholemeal oat flour you can prepare truly original crepes to be served as a dessert or as a savory dish depending on the filling you choose. Here is the recipe to refer to to prepare the base of the oat crepes.

Savory crepes with chestnut flour

: Cuisine of the soul

To vary the base of your crepes you can combine wheat flour with chestnut flour and then choose a salty filling, such as radicchio and walnuts. Here the recipe.

Wholemeal crepes with cranberries

: Ties in the kitchen

With water, milk, wholemeal flour and dehydrated cranberries (found at the supermarket) you can prepare delicious Sweet crepes to serve as a dessert. Here is the recipe to follow.

Strawberry crepes

: Alice TV

With the strawberries available when they are in season you can make fantastic sweet crepes to garnish with these delicious fresh fruits and to fill as you prefer. Here is the recipe to follow.

Jam crepes

: Very tasty

Le jam crepes they are among the most popular. Here you will find the recipe for crepes with peach jam, which you can, however, replace with your favorite jam.

Crepes with courgette spelled flour

: Cuisine of the soul

With spelled flour you can prepare the base for crepes in a salty version to be stuffed with zucchini, to which you can add lean ricotta and basil. Here is the recipe to follow.

Pumpkin chickpea crepes

: Cooking time

With chickpea flour you can prepare the base for your homemade savory crepes to be stuffed with pumpkin, cheese and rosemary. Here is the recipe to follow.

Crepes with chocolate

: I want sweet

And finally, here is the queen of sweet crepes recipes: the chocolate crepesor. To prepare them you can also decide to add cocoa to the dough. Here is the recipe to take inspiration from.

Do you have other recipes to suggest for making crepes?

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