Corporate communication: how to improve it

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Corporate communication: how to improve it

The digital age has brought with it advantages and advances, but also a series of difficulties. One of the most serious is the lack of internal communication.

Last update: 17 September, 2019

The digital age in which we live has brought with it countless advantages and advances, but also several difficulties that we must overcome. One of the most serious is the lack of communication corporate.

Internal communication is the process by which the different actors of the company transmit information to each other. Through this process, the people who have to collaborate to accomplish different tasks are able to coordinate and create synergy.

However, sometimes corporate communication is lacking and this limits the professional results and well-being of the employees. In this article we will analyze the causes of this phenomenon so as to prevent it from occurring in your company.

Lack of corporate communication: what it is

Corporate communication is a process that must develop at different levels in order to give better results. The most important types of communication that must occur in a business context are the following: 

  • Communication aimed at making decisions. The managers of the company must be aware of the duties of each employee; in this way they will have all the information they need to make the right decisions. This applies to both corporate directors and intermediary supervisors.
  • Coordination between departments. In large companies, the different departments are interconnected, so communication between them is essential. The managers of each sector must be aware of the tasks of the other departments so that they can work in synergy.
  • Teamwork.  In a smaller company, team members need to have full information about the project they are working on and the general tasks the company is doing. In this way, company engagement and employee efficiency are stimulated.

When does the problem arise?

A sometimes these three forms of communication do not occur or are not effective. For example, it may happen that those responsible for communication send messages that are too short or that they use unsuitable means, such as social networks. It may also happen that there is no direct channel for communication between the various company sectors.

Or again, it may happen that there is a willingness to communicate on the part of the different parts of the company, but that they do not have the necessary social skills to communicate correctly.

Sometimes we need to learn how to develop communication skills before you can use them effectively.

In all these cases, corporate communication will be lacking and this will adversely affect the results and well-being of the employees; once the problem is recognized, any company should try to improve internal communication.

But how to remedy it?

How to remedy the lack of corporate communication

Below we will analyze the three fundamental steps to help the company improve internal communication.

1- Clarify the company vision and mission

Each company is governed by a mission and a series of specific values, which can be more or less implicit. But employees don't always have it clear; which prevents an in-depth knowledge of the objectives of their job.

2- Improve relationships between colleagues

As important as it is to separate private and professional life, it is also true that improving relations between colleagues and bosses pays off. It increases the degree of job satisfaction, improves the working environment and favors the internal communication of the company, which becomes clearer.

Organize activities that help colleagues improve their relationship it can be one of the best investments for the present and for the future of the company.

3. Develop social skills

Some people don't express themselves effectively simply because they don't know how to do it. If you notice this happening in your company, it might be a good idea to propose a seminar or workshop on social skills.

In this way, employees will learn to express themselves effectively; which will eliminate the problems underlying the lack of internal communication.

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