Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statistics: Age, Gender, Demographics, and Pre-Existing Conditions

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Let's get out of the usual situation of our usual articles, to bring you some statistics that can help shed light on the aggressiveness (infections and deaths) of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) that is currently spreading also in Spain, as well as in China ( original outbreak) and in many countries around the world.

At the time of publication of this article (23/02/2020 at 21:53.000 p.m.), there are about 23.000 active cases of coronavirus infection, about 2.470 patients have been cured, and about 79.000 deaths have occurred, for a total of about XNUMX registered cases.

Coronavirus death statistics

Based on the more than 70.000 cases of COVID-19 (confirmed, suspected and asymptomatic) recorded in China as of February 11, a paper was published in the "Chinese Journal of Epidemiology" highlighting how the risk of death increases with age, as follows:


edadMortality rate
70 – 798.0%
60 – 693.6%
50 – 591.3%
40 – 490.4%
30 – 390.2%
20 – 290.2%
10 – 190.2%
0 – 9no deaths

It is evident that the elderly (over 70 years of age) are at greatest risk, while the youngest (under 50 years of age) recover in almost all cases.


GenderMortality rate
The females1.7%

Men are more at risk than women.

pre-existing conditions

A pre-existing condition generally indicates the patient's health status before the infection occurred.

pre-existing conditionMortality rate
Cardiovascular problems10.5%
chronic respiratory diseases6.3%
no pre-existing conditions0.9%

Here too, a sharp increase in deaths can be noted in the event that a patient infected with coronavirus is subject to certain pathologies/health problems.

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The Epidemiological Characteristics of a 2019 Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak – China CCDC, Feb 17, 2020

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