Coping with a difficult day at work

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Coping with a difficult day at work

A difficult day at work is one in which there is a lot to do and little time, or you don't have many tasks, but they are complex and demanding. By applying a few simple tips you can reach a good port.

Last update: May 31, 2022

A busy day at work can be enough to spoil the mood. It is a situation that requires mental order and calm in order not to end up on the verge of exhaustion. Sometimes, the working day gets complicated; other times, we know in advance that we will face a difficult day at work.

In the second case, it is possible to prepare adequately to resist and get the better of the difficulties. During a hard day's work you have to keep up maximum concentration, organize yourself intelligently and maintain a reasonable attitude.

On this basis, in the following lines we present five solutions so that those difficult days do not bring further complications.

"Any evaded difficulty will later become a ghost that will disturb our rest."

-Frederic Chopin-

Strategies for dealing with a difficult day at work

1. Eliminate noise and multitasking

On a busy work day it is necessary to eliminate as much as possible distractions. The first is noises, especially notifications and irrelevant calls. Better to turn off the phone and turn it on only at lunchtime or at the end of the day.

On the other hand, the multitasking it is not a good option when it comes to solving complex or urgent matters. The idea is to focus on the tasks according to the proposed objectives. There is no room for multitasking. The best alternative is to perform one task at a time with all five senses active.

The brain is not prepared for multitasking, so the ideal is to focus on a specific task to work harder.

2. Divide the day into blocks

It pays to plan your day in advance. The first step is to precisely define what will be done. Next, establish the elements that make up the business. For example, if you need to prepare the end-of-month report, the elements would be the parts it contains, explicitly indicated.

Once that is cleared up, it follows to propose work blocks that coincide with each identified element. The ideal is not to spend more than two hours on each block. This time must be sufficient to complete a block or a percentage of it. This way, you get progress in a more organized way and you are more motivated.

3. Work step by step to face a difficult day at work

One of the strategies for getting through a difficult day at work is to manage time efficiently. This amounts to completing tasks in a reasonable amount of time and also taking breaks. Without the latter, it is difficult to get the former.

The best way to do this is to divide the activities into small parts. The tomato technique is particularly suitable in these cases: concentrate on the activity for 2 consecutive and then take a five-minute break. Each time four cycles are completed, the break should be. This helps regulate the available energy.

4. Ignore minor activities to face a difficult day at work

Crucial activities don't eliminate the fact that even simpler and completely different tasks may appear. At the beginning of the day it is important to be clear about the goals to be achieved.

What are the activities that need to be completed and what are the key aspects. This must have priority at all times. Everything else, better ignore it completely.

It is highly recommended that you make a list of pending tasks to do later.

5. Focus on adequacy and not so much on perfection

The ideal is to do the job with excellence, but on a difficult day at work it may not be possible. These days are not the most appropriate to bring out the perfectionist in us. If we do, we run the risk of dwelling too much on the details and having to run to the end.

The aim is to complete each task with the satisfaction of having succeeded. Perhaps later we will have time to perfect, but it is advisable to focus attention on completing the proposed tasks.


A complicated work day becomes a lot easier when we apply these simple tips.

Ultimately, it is very gratifying to discover that you have managed to carry out what was planned; maybe tired, but happy to have won the challenge.

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