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Connect with yourself

On more occasions than we would like, we are absorbed in our daily activities, work, responsibilities and we lose the connection with our inner being. In this way the physical and mental balance is broken, therefore we live dissociated from our inner universe.

Last update: December 31, 2021

Sometimes you feel sad for no apparent reason. If feelings of sadness invade us and we cannot trace any cause, you will probably need to connect with yourself.

In this way, you discover what is missing to achieve harmony. The lack of connection with oneself it can cause a significant sense of emptiness.

Connecting with yourself is a fundamental aspect to lead a life in the sign of peace, calm, serenity and harmony. Despite the stress of everyday life, it is important to set aside some time for ourselves. A space where we will simply dedicate ourselves to being with ourselves.

Why do you get sick for no apparent reason?

Many people ask themselves this question at some point in their existence. They feel down, unmotivated, sad despite having a good job, a nice family and seemingly no serious problems.

Sometimes we are so attentive to work, home and other aspects that we forget to pay attention to our innermost needs. In other words, we are disconnected from our being, from our needs.

Many people eat right, play sports, and take care of their health, but are plagued by an inexplicable feeling of unhappiness.

It is necessary to listen to our body, pay attention to our sensations to reach a state of inner peace.

Tips for connecting with yourself

1. Stop for a few minutes and enjoy some alone time

Take at least five minutes a day to delve into your inner universe. Find a quiet place in your home, garden or park to hear the sounds of nature and ask yourself: “What stimulates me in this existence? What really nourishes my essence? ”.

It is a time of external disconnection and internal connection. We will observe everything that happens in our mind from afar, and thus we will know the thoughts that dominate us.

Observing our thoughts without judging them, we will achieve a state of calm that will help us connect with ourselves.

When the water in a stream is so cloudy with mud that it prevents us from seeing the bottom, the best thing we can do is wait for the rough ground to settle to the bottom. Clean and transparent water; a mind in calm and harmony.

2. Pay attention to the signals sent by the body

Take a deep breath, try to relieve the stress of the day and ask yourself how you feel physically. Perhaps the body asks to rest or to eat a certain food.

Thank him for letting you fulfill so many daily obligations and think about what you need to feel better.

3. Connect with yourself: recognize feelings without judging them

Many times when we connect with ourselves after some time, we may feel worse at first. This is because within us we host many repressed emotions that must be accepted.

Try to recognize these emotions, manage them and liberal them. Maybe you need to release tension, play sports or even relax. How long have you not dedicated a day to yourself? It pays to invest the time for your own good.

4. A moment each day to appreciate ourselves and what we do 

Connecting with yourself is essential to listen to that inner voice that sometimes spends the day criticizing us.

When the inner dialogue reproaches for all that we have not been able to do or achieve, let us stop for a minute and congratulate ourselves on all that we have achieved and for having done our best.

We are human beings and we are not perfect, so we must appreciate every step we take in the right direction.

5. Connect with yourself: keep a diary to record this inner journey

Analyze what is happening in your being, listen to that inner call that communicates what you need.

Let the answers emerge spontaneously. Perhaps you will find them in a book, in dreams, through meditation or in the signs of nature. Accept these responses, even if they are frightening. Be patient and record this transformation journey.


Don't let everyday obligations keep you from connecting with yourself, who you really are. Rather allow yourself to listen to your essence and nourish it with what it needs, to find the much needed inner peace.

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