Cod liver oil, when to integrate it in the diet

Cod liver oil, when to integrate it in the diet

Cod liver oil rides the wave

Cod liver oil, after years of silence, seems to be back in vogue; indeed, for about three years now it has remained among the most sought after supplements, it seems, on the web. 

The various studies, more or less recent, starting from that of Multiple Sclerosis Journal,  in fact they want it as a panacea against many ailments, from vitamin, circulatory, metabolic deficiencies, but not only.

In addition to containing Omega-3, in cod liver oil are present Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, iodine, precious substances yes, but which can also be integrated through direct food sources.

Here it is though when you can think of further integration with this product that comes from the sea. 

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When to supplement cod liver oil

You can think - obviously after consulting a specialist - of integrate cod liver oil into your diet in certain cases of dysfunctions, pathologies or deficiencies of the organization such as:

> osteoporosis, osteoarthritis in fact, thanks to the attacks and substances it contains, combined with the beneficial action of the sun's rays, the intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus is improved and fixed in teeth and bones. (study conducted by Professor Bruce Caterson of Cardiff University School of Biosciences).

> pathologies of the colon and rectum. According to a recent study carried out by Airc (the El paesena Association for cancer research), the use of cod liver oil is being promoted in colon cancer prevention.

> vitamin deficiencies and weakening of the organism

> wounds, ulcers or burns that struggle to heal; acne and spots; health of skin and hair, thanks in particular to vitamin A

> depression: a spoon a day would reduce the chance of falling victim to depressive pathology by 30%, according to a study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders conducted by researchers at Haukeland University in Bergen, Norway

> multiple sclerosis, as evidenced by the aforementioned study


How to integrate cod liver oil into your diet

There are many supplements on the market based on cod liver oil, usually contained in soft and transparent capsules or caps

60 pearls cost around 7 euros: you can find them online, in herbalist's shops, in pharmacies or parapharmacies. Even the organic shops and natural products, if well supplied, can have them.

Some capsules indicate "without flavor", to avoid having to feel a heavy stomach and a fishy taste; others report supplementing with vitamins - such as vitamin E.

Cod liver oil also exists in the "oral emulsion" option, supplemented further with vitamin C and concentrated orange juice. 

For those who wish to follow an even more natural way, the same substances that make this oil precious, in particular the Omega-3, are also found in certain alimony, as in salmon, walnuts, seeds and linseed oil, rapeseed oil.

Vitamin D it is also found in other fish, such as tuna, herring or sardines, milk, egg yolk, and sprouted seeds. 


Please note::

> As with all supplements, even cod liver oil is harmful to abuse. Furthermore, it is always specified that each indication reported here reflects a mere informative character;

> Before taking any supplements it is imperative to consult a doctor or a specialist who will be able to advise you in the best possible way for each individual case. 


To learn more: “Healing with Food: Therapeutic cooking, natural remedies and testimonies” by Giusi De Francesco.

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