Cod liver oil: price and where to buy it

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Thanks to the wealth in Omega-3 essential fatty acids, anti-cholesterol and counteracting cardiovascular diseases, cod liver oil has always been a highly sought after product, especially for the prevention of diseases that hit more frequently in past times or in times of war, such as rickets o disturbances related to vitamin deficiency, spread when food availability was not so obvious.

Cod liver oil, an oil of animal origin, has returned to being a supplement in vogue mainly due to its strengthening action of the organism.

In particular, the substances it contains, combined with the beneficial action of the sun's rays, improve the intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus and increase its deposit in the right places, such as in the teeth and bones, making the latter more resistant to the attacks of osteoporosis and the danger of fractures.


Where to buy cod liver oil

Cod liver oil you can buy it in parapharmacies ed herbalists well supplied as well on the Web. It is sold both as a natural supplement, in small glass bottles, and in more elaborate supplements, in the form of tablets, caps or capsules, which soften the slight hint of fish, making it even more digestible.

Depending on the distribution houses, the oil in the form of a supplement has different prices: on average, a pack of 250 capsule costs around 20 €.

Natural cod liver oil is much cheaper: a bottle of 200ml of oil costs about 4 €.

Please note:: not all supplements have been approved by the official pharmacopoeia, so they have to read the label carefully; furthermore, attention must be paid to the contents of vitamin A and vitamin D, which are not too high compared to the recommended daily dose.

Finally, it is always a good idea hear the advice of an expert or specialist before taking any supplements.


Properties of cod liver oil

Cod liver oil, in addition to Omega-3, contains other valuable substances, such as vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, iodine, which together give the oil antioxidant, protective properties that help the body, in particular intestine and thyroid, to function properly.

Also the skin and hair benefit from it: it helps in the treatment of acne, fights dandruff and helps to strengthen the nails.

Ointments and external dressings based on this oil, they help heal wounds, heal ulcers, sores or burns.


Contraindications of cod liver oil

Excessive use of cod liver oil can lead to side effects, precisely because an excess of vitamins that contain it could have harmful effects on the body even to a certain extent, so it is good do not abuse supplements that contain it.


Cod liver oil traces antioxidant supplements



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