Cod liver oil, benefits and contraindications

As a child, he would turn up his nose when his mother came in the morning with that evil spoon that tasted of fish.

Here, however, is that the latest research has re-promoted theCod liver oil as a beneficial and healing substance for the body, a panacea with a thousand properties.

In fact, thanks to the wealth in Omega-3 fatty acids, essential fatty acid, anti-cholesterol and combating cardiovascular diseases, cod liver oil has always been a highly sought after product, especially for disease prevention which hit more frequently in past times, such as the rickets or related disturbances vitamin deficiency.


The use of cod liver oil today

Cod liver oil is once again a supplement in vogue for his strengthening action of the organism.

In particular, the substances it contains, combined with the beneficial action of the sun's rays, improve the intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus and increase their deposit in the right places, such as teeth and bones, making the latter more resistant to attacks byOsteoporosis and the danger of fractures. Also, according to the latest research, it would be capable of prevent more serious diseases, such as colon and rectal cancer or multiple sclerosis (according to a recent study published online in the Multiple Sclerosis Journal), extinguishing inflammatory states and counteracting bad cholesterol.


Properties and benefits of oil

In addition to containing Omega-3, in cod liver oil are present Vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, iodine, with antioxidant and protective properties that help the body, in particular intestine e thyroid, to function properly.

Thanks to its antioxidant action, through ointments and dressings it helps skin and hair, treating acne and blemishes, helping to heal wounds, treat ulcers, sores or burns, and counteract dandruff; it also helps to strengthen the nails.



But beware of any side effects due to the excess of vitamins that this oil contains, so it is good do not abuse it.

In particular thehypervitaminosis linked to the abuse of cod liver oil, especially in relation to vitamin A, can lead toenlarged liver, brittle hair, dry skin, calcium deposits in the arteries and kidney stones.


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