Coconut water, properties and benefits

Coconut water, properties and benefits

For those who connect coconut only to sunny beaches and frozen dry, it is worth remembering that the coconut (fruit of the Cocos nucifera palm, belonging to the aceraceae family) has several other uses and parts that can be consumed with beneficial effects.

Among these, coconut water. L'coconut water and the clear, translucent liquid contained in unripe fruits of the coconut palm; it is only present in still green coconuts since it has one early development with respect to the ripeness of the fruit (pulp).

To be able to extract coconut water from the fruit you need to drill it or cut one end to create a'opening in the internal cavity, which contains between 200 and 1000 ml of water (depending on the type of plant and the size of the walnut). Unknown to most, coconut water boasts amazing benefits and properties. Let's find out what's true.


Coconut water: properties

Unlike the pulp of the nut, coconut water contains very low in fat, it provides a moderate amount of calories and a good concentration of mineral salts.

Fresh coconut water, nutritional properties:

> Calories: 100 ml of coconut water provide about 20 calories;

> Minerals: potassium and sodium are present in a 2: 1 proportion - or about 250mg / 100ml of potassium against 105mg / ml of sodium - as well as a fair amount of calcium and magnesium;

> Vitamins: vitamins of group B and C are present (2,4mg / 100ml);

> Other substances: enzymes, amino acids, cytokines and phytohormones, all present in rather low concentrations;

> Gluten: coconut water is gluten-free;

 > Lactose: coconut water is lactose-free;

> Refreshing and thirst-quenching properties: coconut water is one of the most refreshing natural drinks (or not produced by man), it is consumed throughout the tropical belt, thanks to its thirst-quenching properties given to it by the potassium content; 

> Sterile: the coconut water contained in the nut is almost sterile until the opening of the nut itself.


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Coconut water: benefits

Let's make a proper premise: there are no scientific studies such as to show the actual benefits of coconut water on human health. However, we have the possibility to summarize the main benefits starting from traditional uses and nutritional properties.

Here are the potential benefits of coconut water:

> It can be consumed by hypertension sufferers, given the ratio of mineral sais unfavorable to sodium;

> is suitable for vegans and celiacs, not containing lactose or gluten;

> is suitable for a raw diet since it has not undergone cooking or pasteurization;

> in many tropical regions, coconut water is administered in case of dysentery, as a rehydrating solution;

> rehydrates in case of sports and intense sweating: in case of sport or intense sweat, coconut water can be provided (not exclusively) instead of ordinary water. The modest concentration of other minerals (calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc) and of certain B vitamins (riboflavin, niacin, thiamine, pyridoxine and folate), helps to make coconut water a hypothetically useful product for rehydration and in weak subjects;

> benefits on digestion: coconut water contains many natural enzymes, which could be a valuable aid in digestion.

> suitable for all: being almost sterile (if extracted from a healthy coconut), coconut water is considered safe even in pregnancy, lactating, for babies (after weaning) and in pathological conditions - always with medical consent.

Controindicazioni coconut water: in case of hyperglycemia, hypertriglyceridemia, overweight for certain forms of renal insufficiency it would be better to avoid consuming significant portions. It is good not to exceed in consumption to avoid a excess potassium.


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