Coconut water, a potassium refill

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In summer, when the heat is suffocating or after intense physical activity, our body sweats profusely, losing precious mineral salts together with the water.

La sweating it is necessary for the body to lower the temperature and in this way responds to the need for recover energy and mineral salts up to the electrolyte rebalancing of the body.

Usually we resort to typical sports drinks that rehydrate and are rich in mineral salts such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. From nature comes a 100% vegetable and extremely effective remedy: L 'coconut water.

In the latest study, experts from the University of Indiana stated that the mineral salt content of coconut water is up to 5 times higher than common sports drinks.


Composition of coconut water

Lcoconut water is almost completely fat-free, DON'T contains cholesterol and has a small percentage of sugars.

The main importance in its composition is due to the wealth in mineral salts, especially for the potassium which is estimated to be 5 times higher than common sports drinks. The presence of potassium also helps for fluid mobility and in particular fights cellulite.

It also contains a small presence of proteins and amino acids who work together to make this drink an excellent remedy especially after sports or on hot summer days.

You have to have a single foresight balance the presence of sodium which is slightly lower than the body's needs and is that of add a little cooking salt to the drink of coconut water. 

In this way we obtain a refreshing, regenerating and detoxifying drink rich in benefits for our body stressed by the heat or exhausted by physical activity.


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Properties of coconut water

The composition of the coconut water makes this remedy useful for having excellent purifying effects, detoxifying and for lower body acidification.

Coconut water is useful for improve the immune system in fact it allows our body to better fight inflammation and diseases in general.

The detoxifying function is carried out towards all body tissues, especially the liver, and helps to eliminate any remnants of medicines and antibiotics left in the circulation or other waste substances from the body.

Regulates intestinal function, favoring the development of a good bacterial flora and consequently also regulates the digestion and expulsion of the fecal mass.

Its purifying effect helps kidney function and is used as natural remedy for bladder-related ailments. Furthermore, this purifying action automatically makes the skin even more beautiful and luminous.

Revitalizes the body providing many minerals and vitamins also activating the metabolism. In slimming diets it can become a valid help thanks to the low calorie content and the good presence of magnesium that lower the sense of nervous hunger.


What is coconut water and where to buy it

Coconut water is the liquid found in the still green, unripe coconut. Once the coconut is ripe and brown this liquid becomes coconut milk with a very different composition and higher in fat.

In fact, each green coconut contains 250ml to 500ml coconut water for each nut. The semitransparent liquid during maturation is slowly absorbed by the coconut pulp thus changing the composition of the liquid a lot which becomes precisely coconut milk.

Usually in the countries of origin there are street vendors who peel the outer shell of the green walnut with a machete and then drill a hole where they insert a straw to drink the coconut water.

In western countries we can find this coconut water instead packaged in fruit juice type drink and the sale is reserved for the lack of diffusion in ethnic shops, specialized shops or online commerce.

Indicatively it is recommended a glass a day of coconut water and the cost is still cheaper than common sports drinks.


Curiosities of coconut water in Ayurvedic medicine

Coconut water is an ancient Ayurvedic medicine remedy precisely because coconut is one of the most common fruits of India. For Ayurvedic medicine, coconut water is a restorative of the nervous system capable of fighting fatigue and increasing concentration.

Its value of depuration it helps to dilute the blood and has an effect Stress which gives energy without straining the body. A good balancer of the body, emotions and spirit.


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