Cocoa: properties and benefits

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Cocoa is one of the most loved sins of gluttony, especially by women. Indeed, the positive and happy relationship between the female consumers and cocoa in all its forms is always on the rise. But why is cocoa so popular, to the point of becoming almost an addiction? The main reason is that this food is very rich in beneficial and active substances for good humor and relaxation. One of these is, undoubtedly, the magnesium.

Cocoa, so loved by women

Il magnesium it is a "feminine" mineral since it is women who suffer most from its deficiency. A magnesium deficiency causes nervousness, anxiety, muscle contractures, irritability and insomnia. Refueling with food is the ideal solution, thus avoiding the purchase of expensive supplements. And stocking up on magnesium by eating chocolate is certainly very enjoyable.

Which chocolate?

Obviously not all chocolate is beneficial, what is good for your health is in fact the cocoa derived from Fava beans. Therefore, the benefits of cocoa on health and shape are obtained only by consuming (in moderate quantities but also every day) bitter cocoa and / or dark chocolate with a minimum cocoa content of 70%.

To discover all the properties of cocoa for health and shape, browse the gallery.

When we talk about healthy foods and allied foods of the line, we cannot ignore cacao. In fact, there are now numerous scientific studies that have cleared cocoa from its role as a prohibited food and have included it in all respects in the list of so-called superfoods.

Let's see together why cocoa is so good for your health and even helps you lose weight. First, however, it is necessary to specify that the beneficial cocoa is pure bitter cocoa (in powder, to be clear) or chocolate. extra-dark with 70% cocoa (minimum). 

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