Cobalt: properties, benefits, curiosities

Il cobalt it is a very important mineral because it stimulates iron metabolism and the activity of some endocrine glands. It is also useful for fighting nostalgia and encouraging change. Let's find out better.

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> Benefits and properties

>  Daily cobalt requirement

> Effects of cobalt on the psyche and spirit

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> Curiosities and historical notes



What is Cobalt

Chemical symbol: Co3+
Il cobalt it's a ferromagnetic element silvery white in color. Stable in air and unchanged in water, at room temperature it is not very resistant and poorly ductile.

It is not found in the pure state in nature and is extracted from other minerals such as cobaltite and linneite as a by-product of the extraction of nickel e copper. It is used in particularly heat-resistant alloys in various sectors of industry.

Cobalt is an essential mineral for the normal functioning and maintenance of Red blood cells and of the cells of the human organism, even if present only in traces.


Benefits and properties

Cobalt is part of the structure of Vitamin B12 and as such it intervenes in the synthesis of nucleic acids, in many enzymatic processes and in the metabolism of iron metabolism, it is also essential for the growth and maintenance of body weight.

It stimulates the activity of some endocrine glands (thyroid, pancreas and adrenal) and the production of red blood cells, accelerating the maturation process and extending its life. A lack of cobalt is responsible for circulatory disorders and migraines, in case of deficiency, it can cause pernicious anemia and slow development.


Daily cobalt requirement

There are no specific recommendations on the recommended doses of cobalt to be taken with food. The need for this mineral, in fact, it is low (5 to 8 micrograms) and can be easily satisfied through diet, as it is widespread in most foods.

Effects of cobalt on the psyche and spirit

Cobalt intensifies the need for change, awakens curiosity and the natural attitude towards a spiritual vision of existence. Generates joy of life, mitigates melancholy and nostalgia.


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Cobalt: properties, benefits, curiosities


How to use

In oligotherapy cobalt in catalytic form has an action tranquilizer, hypotensive, antispasmodic e vasodilatatrice: is used as regulator of the autonomic system, especially in the Manganese-Cobalt combination as a basic treatment in diatesi III distonica, characterized by cardiovascular and circulatory, digestive, joint disorders, insomnia, anxiety, metabolic disorders, asthenia, headache.

Cobalt also enters the Zinc-Nickel-Cobalt association with an effect hypoglycemic in the treatment of disadattamento syndrome (HYPO-PANCREATIC axis) with symptoms secondary to a metabolic glucose imbalance: "wolf hunger", sudden fatigue before meals, post-prandial sleepiness, intellectual emptying.

In crystal therapy it is used to put minerals with a high cobalt content, such as calcite, in direct contact with the body to obtain the desired results: of a beautiful intense pink color, cobalt calcite has a calming effect and is perfect for healing the heart and open up to joy.


Curiosities and historical notes

Cobalt was well known in ancient times as a pigment for coloring blue glass, but was discovered by the Swedish chemist George Brandt only in 1735 analyzing some minerals that the German miners called Kobalt, a dialect form of Kobold, which means "elf or diabolical elf". In fact, cobalt is poisonous and can contaminate other minerals, but it is confused with silver.


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