Christmas with the family: 7 precepts to enjoy it

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Christmas with the family: 7 precepts to enjoy it

Last update: 14 September, 2022

“Christmas, children, is not a date. It's a state of mind! ”. So spoke Mary Ellen Chase, but what happens to those people who don't experience it like that? This article is aimed at them in particular, as we present some precepts to enjoy or, at least, endure Christmas with the family.

Although the majority of people who celebrate this holiday enjoy the holidays, it is not possible to generalize and extend this idea to everyone. If some try to be more empathetic and happy during Christmas with the family, others see no reason to do something special and they even get to suffer these days, as they have the feeling of being forced to celebrate.

Precepts to enjoy Christmas with the family

As Charles Dickens said, "I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it with me all year round". In other words, it doesn't seem like a good idea to be extreme these days, neither from a negative standpoint nor by overdoing it in wanting to be happier and empathetic for just 20 days. But then ... what should we do?

There are several reasons we can find for not enjoying a Family Christmas. Whether it's because of arguments with other members or because a loved one is not around or simply because we may not like it for days. However, it is possible to endure it and even spend it well. So, at least, says psychologist Graci Molines.

You wish it to be so

The first key is to want to spend Christmas well with the family. However much we may not like it or how many problems there may be in our family, it does not cease to be a good opportunity to enjoy the moment, reconnect and have a good time. The willingness to make these parties enjoyable is essential.

Distinguish the important from the unnecessary

If you are in the family and want to argue about every little thing, this will be it. Conversely, if you try to be receptive and unwilling to catch any not-too-important comment or act to "pop," you will give yourself and others an opportunity to enjoy the moment.

They, the people you care about, are always a good reason not to quarrel precisely during dates in which feelings predominate, for those who live them and await them with pleasure.

Focus on the positive things

Christmas with the family is a good time to focus on the positive things, and not the other way around. If family gatherings seem tedious to you, try to focus on what you like best about them. For sure there will be someone you particularly appreciate, fun and precious moments that you can enjoy.

Improve your mood

Forget the pouting face and look at Christmas with the family with desire get together, contribute, participate. In doing so, you will make others a pleasure and you will also make yourself more involved.

This way, it will be harder not to find something beautiful on an occasion that partly fits what you care about.

Look for the empathy you have within you

Once again… l'eternal empathy, always so necessary. In this case, in the middle of a family Christmas, it is crucial. If you are able to understand the motives of others and even put yourself in their shoes, this time of year will surely be much more bearable and, who knows, maybe you will also like it.

In this sense, if you can somehow get in tune with the feelings of those who enjoy the holidays, it will be easier for you too.

Respect others

Very similar to the previous point. In this case, remember that each person is a world unto himself and has his own way of seeing life. So, as difficult as it can sometimes be, it is necessary to respect others. Listen to their points view and, although you do not share them, be respectful of their ideas.

Don't bring up sensitive issues

Garaci Molines offers us one last very important precept to enjoy Christmas with the family. During a family reunion, where everyone knows each other well, we know that there are certain arguments that can cause discomfort. 

So, especially around Christmas, why bring them up? It's certainly not the time to annoy or embarrass anyone.

Christmas has no reason to be hard for nobody. In any case, take advantage of these precepts to enjoy it in the company of your family. These tips will help you endure these dates, but will come in handy at any social gathering. Take advantage of it!

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