Christmas tale, transforming the nativity

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Christmas tale, transforming the nativity

Last update: December 20, 2018

Through a Christmas story, today we invite you to reflect on the true meaning of this holiday. The protagonist is a child who reminds us how important it is to appreciate and be grateful for what we have, however little it may seem; every day of the year, not just once.

In the days leading up to Christmas we begin to be bombarded with announcements about sweets, toys, perfumes… Everything indicates that Christmas has begun, this wonderful and awaited phase of the year. The streets light up and a kind of collective frenzy invades us and pushes us to consume compulsively, filling our pantries to excess and going to buy gifts for anyone. But is this really the value of Christmas? Making a deeper sense of it is possible if we are able to look beyond the Christmas packages. Let's see how to do it thanks to a nice Christmas story.

“Christmas is not a period or a season, but a state of mind. It must bring peace and good intentions among the people; being full of mercy means having the true Christmas spirit. "

-Calvin Coolidge-

Christmas tale

Little Oliver had just turned five and felt a very strong curiosity about the surrounding world. He began to observe everything that changed around him, the streets that were filled with bright colors, cheerful songs that echoed everywhere, the trees adorned with all kinds of decorations, the advertisements that showed pandoro, toys, sparkling wine, perfumes ... Everything this generated a question in Oliver, which he finally decided to ask his mother:

-What is Christmas? -

-Christmas is something that only the lucky ones can have. I hope I can show it to you one day, my son- replied her mother with a vein of sadness.

Oliver was saddened by that answer and the sight of his mother's expression, but he did not lose hope that one day he would be lucky enough to be able to experience Christmas on his skin. Days passed, and little Oliver continued to investigate the matter. He arrived on Christmas morning.

Oliver got up early and ran to wake his mother. The woman opened her eyes with some difficulty e she saw her son hand her a hand-made note with a reused sheet. She had made it a beautiful card, full of colors, drawings and above all with a message full of hope: “You show me Christmas every day, because I feel happy when I'm with you”. Oliver's mother began to cry. Then the little one asked her:

-Why are you crying, mom? -

-Because I didn't know my luck until you showed it to me- Oliver's mother replied as she hugged her son tightly.

-It's like that, mom, Christmas is every day for us.

 "At Christmas we shouldn't worry about opening presents, but our hearts."

-Janice Marditer-

Love is the best gift

The Christmas tale of little Oliver reminds us that changing this holiday is possible with innocence and recognizing what is really important. His mother's love was certainly the best gift he could get. The little one, together with his mother, reminds us that sometimes we can lose sight of the really important things and worry about everything we cannot give to others, for lack of money or because we take it for granted that our gesture will not be reciprocated.

In doing so, we happen to lose sight of everything we already have and receive from others. There is no person richer than one who derives wealth from the people he loves and appreciates. And everyone, absolutely everyone, has at least one person who loves us and who we love. Also, and especially, why not ?, at Christmas.

 "If you don't know what to give to your loved ones at Christmas, give them love"


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