Christmas sweets: 10 traditional recipes and 10 variations for all tastes

I Christmas sweets they are a real treat to bring to the table during the holidays or to give as gifts. Have you ever tried to prepare at home your favorite Christmas sweets?

You can prepare classic Christmas sweets or in their alternative version, for example vegan or gluten-free, to have a variant available that will please the whole family or your guests.

Some Christmas sweets they are more laborious to prepare and require you to get to work a few days before serving them, like pandoro and panettone. Other Christmas desserts, on the other hand, are easier to prepare, such as panforte and ginger biscuits.

Here is a collection of Christmas sweets with recipes to prepare them at home in the classic version and in the different alternatives.


Have you ever tried to prepare panettone at home? You can choose to prepare the classic panettone with raisins and candied fruit or the panettone with chocolate drops.

Vegan panettone (with sourdough)

We revisited the panettone recipe and we made it vegan with natural leavening thanks to the sourdough.


If you want to prepare a truly professional pandoro at home according to the classic recipe, do not forget to use the classic star-shaped pandoro mold.

Vegan Pandoro

Our vegan pandoro is prepared without milk, butter and eggs. You can use rice milk, homemade vegetable butter and a pinch of turmeric to give an extra touch of color to the pandoro.


The panforte is a dessert made with dried fruit and nuts which is traditionally prepared for Christmas and other holidays. Here the classic recipe of panforte.

Panforte vegan

We made our vegan panforte with spelled flour, dried figs, raisins, hazelnuts, almonds, cocoa, cinnamon and coconut flour.

Chocolate salami

Chocolate salami is a truly delicious and very fun dessert to prepare. It will appeal to children and beyond. You can follow the original recipe for chocolate salami - also known as sweet salami - or vary it according to your tastes and food choices.

Gluten-free chocolate salami

To prepare the gluten-free chocolate salami you will have to choose gluten-free biscuits and make sure that the ingredients at risk of contamination are indicated as allowed for celiacs, in particular with regard to cocoa powder and icing sugar. THU the recipe to follow.


Gingerbread men

The gingerbread men are among the most loved Christmas sweets by children. We can try to prepare them at home according to the original recipe with powdered ginger and a pinch of cinnamon.

Vegan gingerbread men

You can prepare the gingerbread men and your ginger cookies for Christmas according to the vegan recipe, without milk, butter and eggs.

White nougat

Il white nougat is one of the most classic Christmas sweets. Traditional and very famous is the nougat of Cremona. Cremona nougat has a typical filling based on almonds and hazelnuts.

Vegan nougat

Vegan nougat is prepared with shelled hazelnuts and almonds, brown sugar and extra virgin olive oil, always without eggs and without honey.

Christmas log

: Your country cooks

Il Christmas log it is a truly greedy dessert, covered with milk chocolate or dark chocolate that can be enjoyed already on the eve and in the days before Christmas. Here the recipe.

Vegan Christmas log

: Of course I eat

Il Christmas log it is prepared with dark chocolate and chestnut cream to fill and cover, rice milk and corn starch are also used to replace the eggs. Here the recipe.


Also called diavulilli, these sweets are delicious fried balls dipped in honey. A real explosion of taste, gilded and multicolored with thousands of colors. Also in this case the preparation of the struffoli is quite fast.

Struffoli without eggs

: Loti64

Anyone who is allergic or intolerant to eggs must not give up on Christmas sweets and for example, you can try making struffoli egg-free at home. Here the recipe.

Bocconotti Abruzzesi

Here are the bocconotti, a typical dessert of Abruzzo, in particular from Teramo. According to the tradition strictly followed by the grandmothers, they had to be prepared every year at the beginning of December and then be given to relatives and acquaintances or offered to guests during the holidays.

Bocconotti from Abruzzo without eggs

: Luisa's greedy garden

these Abruzzo Christmas sweets they can also be prepared in the egg-free version, with a lighter recipe. Here the recipe of the Abruzzo bocconotti without eggs.


: Grandma's recipes

Mostaccioli are Christmas sweet biscuits typical of the southern regions of your country. There are many variations, as there are many countries where these sweets are cooked on holidays. Here one of the classic recipes to prepare the mostaccioli.

Vegan mostaccioli

: Vegolosi

Traditional mostaccioli usually contain honey which is not present in the vegan version. Here is the recipe to follow for the vegan mostaccioli.

What are yours recipes to prepare Christmas desserts at home?


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