Chocolate popcorn: how to prepare them at home

I chocolate popcorn they are a real treat. You will have seen them in the bars of the cinemas or at the stalls of the fairs. They are really simple from prepare at home, starting with the classic corn kernels for popcorn and a dark chocolate bar.

For a high quality sweet snack, it is preferable to choose organic starting ingredients. Here's how to prepare chocolate-covered popcorn quickly and easily.



40 grams of corn for popcorn
200 grams of dark chocolate
1 tablespoon of rice or almond milk (optional)
1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil


1 large skillet with lid
2 large bowls
1 wooden spoon
1 tsp
1 saucepan with handle
1 saucepan of at least 1 liter
1 baking sheet or tray
Baking paper (recommended)


Heat a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil in a large pan. Pour in the popcorn corn and cover with a lid. After a few seconds the popcorn will start to crackle. Don't add sale during cooking or to season popcorn, unless you particularly love the combination of sweet and savory.

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When they will be ready, remove the grains that may not have opened and pour the popcorn into the first bowl. Let it cool down. In the meantime, you can start prepare the chocolate for covering popcorn. In a saucepan, bring a liter of tap water to the boil.

With your hands or a knife, break up the dark chocolate, perhaps following the lines already present on the bars. Pour the chocolate into the saucepan, which you will need to place inside the pot of boiling water. This way the chocolate will melt in water bath in a few minutes. Keep the heat low and stir occasionally with a teaspoon, to facilitate melting.

Meanwhile, transfer some of the popcorn to the second bowl. When the chocolate is ready, you can dilute it with a spoonful of rice milk or almond milk, if you want to facilitate its distribution on popcorn. Pour part of the chocolate into the first bowl with the popcorn and the rest into the second. Gently mix with a wooden spoon and make sure to cover the popcorn with as much chocolate as possible.

Now cover one baking tin with parchment paper and distribute the popcorn covered with chocolate well separated from each other or in small piles, depending on the result you want to obtain. Let them cool to room temperature and transfer them in the refrigerator for 30 minutes, so the chocolate will solidify.

Your chocolate popcorns are ready. Pour them into a bowl and serve. Enjoy your meal!

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