Chocolate and hazelnut brownies (vegan recipe)

I brownies I'm a sweet al chocolate of US origin. They are obtained from a rectangular chocolate cake (called brownie), from which many portions are cut into cubes. This version of the brownies is quite light, as it contains neither eggs nor butter.

The brownies are very soft, crumbly and tasty, with that extra touch of crunchiness given by the hazelnuts. Apparently brownies started out as sweets to take easily with you for a packed lunch. For this recipe, we recommend choosing organic ingredients and fair trade cocoa. Here are the ingredients and directions for preparing chocolate and hazelnut brownies.


250 gr of whole wheat flour
50 gr of rice flour
150 gr of whole cane sugar
50 gr cocoa powder
1 pinch of cinnamon
1 sachet of baking powder
200 ml of orange juice
50 ml of water
50 ml of extra virgin olive oil or rice oil
50 gr shelled hazelnuts
50 gr of chocolate chips or chopped chocolate


To start preparing the chocolate and hazelnut brownies, squeeze two oranges, filter the juice and pour it into a measuring cup. You will need to use 200 milliliters. Dilute the Orange juice adding 50 milliliters of water and stir with a spoon. If you have chosen organic oranges, you can add a teaspoon of finely grated zest to the recipe.

Weigh the flour and sugar. In a large bowl pour the rice flour and the wholemeal flour. Mix them with a spoon. Also weigh it whole cane sugar and cocoa powder. Pour them into the bowl with the flour, adding a pinch of cinnamon.

At this point, add the extra virgin olive oil or rice oil and the orange juice diluted with water. Then start mixing very well with a wooden spoon, in order to create a smooth, homogeneous and without lumps. Keep stirring for a long time. The mixture should be creamy and not too liquid.

Chocolate and hazelnut brownies (vegan recipe)

As the last ingredients, first add the baking powder and then the shelled hazelnuts (you can chop them or leave them whole) and the chocolate chips (or chopped chocolate). Mix again with the spoon in order to distribute everything well. Pour the mixture into one rectangular baking dish slightly greasy. Bake the brownies in convection oven at 180 ° C for about 30 minutes. Let it cool and with the help of a knife divide the cake into many small rectangular portions. They use a standard rectangular dish you will get about 24 brownies.

Chocolate and hazelnut brownies (vegan recipe)

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