Chilli pepper is a healthy plant

Chilli pepper is a healthy plant

Il Chili pepper (Capsicum annuum), a small and very spicy variety of pepper, is a solanacea.

Chilli pepper plays an important role in the therapeutic field: its aupeptic and antiseptic action makes it suitable not only for culinary use for its pleasant taste, but above all as a healing substance.


Chili pepper properties

Chilli contains: vitamins A, C, E, K and vitamins of the group B; Mineral salts including potassium e copper; carotenoids e bioflavonoids (quercetin, hesperidin); alkaloid substances (capsaicin, capsicina, capsantina); lecithin, an unsaturated fatty acid found in seeds.

The spicy flavor of the chilli is given by the capsicina, particularly concentrated in the white inner ribs and seeds, which stimulates the nerve endings, bronchi and glands that cause the eyes to water and the nose to drip.


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Benefits of chili

The constant use of chilli allows you to:

  • Increase resistance to infections, due to the presence of vitamins that stimulate the immune system;
  • Fighting infectious diarrhea for its antibacterial and anti-fermentative properties;
  • Improve blood circulation and strengthen the walls of blood vessels and in particular against capillary fragility; in addition, it reduces the possibility of thrombus formation;
  • Balancing blood pressure, for the potassium content and for the direct strengthening action on the blood circulation (useful in case of high and low blood pressure);
  • Reduce cholesterol, through the action of lecithin which facilitates its use, removing it from the bloodstream;
  • Promote the healing of sores and wounds, hemorrhoids, anal fissures and fistulas, because it draws blood to the injured areas and thanks to the action of vitamins A and E, it favors the formation of new tissue;
  • Fluidify the mucus of the respiratory tract, useful in laryngitis and hoarseness, in colds;
  • Promote digestion and prevent the appearance of ulcers;

It is useful in weight loss diets because, by making foods tastier, it reduces the need to add too many seasonings to dishes.


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