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Chickpeas are a complete food useful for the heart and against cholesterol. Discover the beneficial properties, the calories, how to use them in the kitchen.


The chickpeas they are the seeds of the Cicer arietinum plant, of the Fabaceae family. Very rich in protein and fiber, they are useful for heart health and against cholesterol. Let's find out better.

> 1. Description of chickpeas

> 2. Properties and benefits of chickpeas

> 3. Calories and nutritional values ​​of chickpeas

> 4. Allies of

> 5. Curiosity about chickpeas

> 6. A recipe up your sleeve



Description of chickpeas

Said the meat of the poor are rich in carbohydrates and protein. The chickpea plant has oriental origins. Today it is grown mainly in Pakistan and India, while production is scarce in the country. It has a very old tradition and today it is the third most consumed legume in the world.


Properties and benefits of chickpeas

I ceci they are very rich in fiber and therefore help to regularize the intestine. Thanks to their content of omega 3 fatty acids they are valid allies of cardiovascular system; they contribute, in fact, to control blood pressure and to increase the values ​​of HDL cholesterol, the so-called good one, reducing the levels of LDL, the bad cholesterol. 

But that's not all: these legumes contain folate, a substance that helps keep theomocisteina, an amino acid present in the blood which, when it reaches values ​​above the norm, increases the risk of the onset of cardiovascular events such as stroke and heart attack.

Chickpeas also contain many mineral salts, including especially magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and potassium and a good amount of vitamins C and B vitamins.

Chickpeas do not contain gluten and are therefore also indicated for those suffering from celiac disease.


Calories and nutritional values ​​of chickpeas

100 g of dry boiled chickpeas contain 120 kcal / 504 kj.

Furthermore, for every 100 g of this product, we have:

  • Water 63,60 g
  • G carbohydrates 18,9
  • Sugars 1,3 g
  • 7 g protein
  • 2,4 g fat
  • Cholesterol 0 g
  • Total fiber 5,8 g
  • Sodium 5 mg
  • Potassium 302 mg
  • Iron 2,2 mg
  • Calcium 58 mg
  • Phosphorus 148 mg
  • Magnesium 37 mg
  • Zinc 1,7 mg
  • Copper 0,3 mg
  • Selenium 1 µg
  • Vitamin B1 0,2 mg
  • Vitamin B2 0,04 mg
  • Vitamin B3 0,9 mg
  • Vitamin A 4 µg
  • Vitamin C traces


Ceci, allies of

Liver, cardiovascular system, intestine, scalp, eyes, blood circulation.


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 Curiosity about chickpeas

  • Chickpeas contain a lot of cellulose and therefore can cause some discomfort to those suffering from colitis.
  • In ancient times, aphrodisiac properties were attributed to chickpeas.
  • When you buy dried chickpeas you should always pay attention to the drying date; the older the chickpeas are, the more difficult it is to bring them to ideal cooking. Chickpeas should therefore always be consumed within a year of their drying, also in order not to lose their precious properties.
  • Before cooking the chickpeas go soaked in water with a tablespoon of flour and a teaspoon of baking soda; in this way they become more digestible and cook faster. The soaking water must obviously be thrown away and the chickpeas washed before cooking.


A recipe up your sleeve

Have you ever thought about doing a hamburger of ceci? Much better than a meat burger!

The ingredients are:

  • 500 grams of previously cooked chickpeas,
  • the crumb of 2 slices of stale bread,
  • 1 egg,
  • half onion,
  • its sale,
  • aromatic herbs to taste,
  • bread crumbs,
  • extra virgin olive oil.  

Procedure: after having drained the chickpeas well, put them in the mixer together with all the other ingredients (except for the breadcrumbs and oil) and blend everything. Then make the burgers and pass them in breadcrumbs. Cook in a pan or in the oven with a drizzle of oil. Serve with a mixed salad.


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