Chia seeds: how to eat them

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It is pronounced in the Spanish style, "cia", but everyone knows it as "chia", all'el paesena.

A nice green plant, whose leaves can also be used to make risotto, with beautiful flowers ranging from purple to deep blue and which can also be grown here in the town.

But let's see how the small and nutritious seeds of this plant work, above all like eating the little dark nuggets, known since the time of the Aztecs for their properties.

Very used and now also known in Europe, they give a sense of satiety and are highly recommended in slimming diets, but also in vegan and vegetarian diets, representing an original and versatile food, able to reserve surprises, not only for health.


How to consume chia seeds

I Chia seeds can be consumed in various ways, a spoon at most two a day is the most suitable dose, let's see the main uses.

The basic suggestion is to consume them uncooked, to fully enjoy the benefits, as they are, in salads, on vegetables, inside legume creams for vegetarian rolls, such as on the soups and soups, as a final decoration on top of each plate.

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Raw chia seeds

Raw they are also fantastic for preparing pudding or veg puddings, just put a spoonful of chia seeds in a glass full of fruit smoothie, soy milk or almond with the addition of ingredients of your choice (fresh or dried fruit, chocolate flakes, mint, vanilla, cinnamon or other flavorings), let it rest in the fridge overnight and the next day you will have your fresh and delicious pudding or pudding ready and ready.

Otherwise you can sow some seeds in the morning, on your yogurt or on light cheeses such as ricotta, goat cheese or robiolina.


Chia seed flour

Chia seeds raw ground with a spice grinder become a fantastic chia flour, with the consistency of a fine powder. It can be added to the usual flour in various recipes, to make pizzas, bread or focaccias or used for other preparations, such as batters, desserts (muffins, pancakes, biscuits) or creams to thicken.


Chia seed gel

You can use the chia seed gel (as well as flaxseed gel) instead of eggs to agglomerate and tie various baking doughs: 75 ml of gel is equivalent to one egg.

The gel is prepared by soaking a tablespoon of seeds in about 50 ml of water, waiting about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally until they become a gel. It can be kept in the refrigerator for up to a couple of weeks, hermetically sealed.


The cooked chia seeds

Chia seeds can also be used cooked as an ingredient in bread o in savory pies, in pasta, in risotto, ma anche in soups e sauces details, remembering that the longer it is left to rest, the more the gelatin effect is activated.


Chia seeds in drinks

To finish the chia seeds you can use them in small doses, mixed inside cool drinks or hot herbal teas; it should be remembered that they may have some laxative effect.


NB: Keep chia seeds in a glass jar away from light, in summer or in the heat even better if stored in the refrigerator in a jar. A 300 gram pack of certified organic and sustainable chia seeds cost around 6 euros. Always consult an expert before taking them, in case of particular body dysfunctions or disorders and intolerances.


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