Chia seeds for weight loss: true or false?

Chia seeds for weight loss: true or false?

Losing weight with chia seeds?

According to LiveStrong, there is still no firm proof that i Chia seeds can really be the cause of a drop in body weight. A study published in Hospital Nutrition in 2014 he was looking at the effects of eating chia flour every day for 12 weeks. The result was that those who ate chia had slightly more weight loss than the other control group.

However, an older 2009 study published in Nutrition Research found that Chia, in itself, is not a food that alone causes weight loss.

In conclusion, it seems that there are important nutrients capable of promoting and helping in the process of eliminating excess pounds, but it cannot be said that chia is a food magic wand that makes fat disappear, especially if you do not follow a diet. well balanced, healthy and low-calorie.

Instead, let's see what are the advantages of chia seeds and because they can be useful in the diet


Calories in a tablespoon of oil seeds

Oilseeds are a source of "good fats" but they are not free of calories. Chia seeds can be said to be the "relatively least caloric", with approx 97 calories for a tablespoon of product corresponding to about 20 g (sunflower seeds have about 110, flax seeds 106 and sesame seeds 113, exceeded by one point by pumpkin seeds).

This does not mean that you have to do it low: when you use them, or use seeds in general, remember that the daily dose of other fats, including extra virgin olive oil, should be slightly decreased. 


Chia seeds rich in fiber

The fact that these little nuggets contain nearly five grams of fiber per tablespoon low in quantity, makes them great for promote intestinal transit.

Especially for those people who suffer from constipation or constipation it is recommended to add them to the diet, even by consuming a small teaspoon a day, followed by a nice glass of still water at room temperature.

They can also be put on salads, soups and soups or used in bread and meatball doughs. 


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Chia seeds, balance for the body

In a study published in April 2010 in the "European Journal of Clinical Nutrition", those who ate bread made with chia seeds showed a lower blood sugar level and a lower appetite. 

Faced with an increased sense of satiety due to their ability to absorb water, chia seeds can help those suffering from high cholesterol, heart disease and obesity, as well as control blood sugar levels.


Chia seeds, light substitutes in recipes

A spoonful of Chia seeds mixed with water can replace an egg for the preparation of baked desserts, but also meatballs, meatballs and savory pies, which makes the dishes not only well blended, but also lighter and less caloric. Chia seeds can also be used to give texture to puddings, creams, breakfast oatmeal porridge, spoon desserts. 


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