Cheescake: 20 recipes for all tastes

Cheesecake is a dessert that is traditionally prepared with fresh cheese but which easily lends itself to numerous variations based on the dietary needs of each. In fact, with a few small tricks you can prepare the vegan cheesecake gluten-free cheesecake and also the versions without eggs, without butter or without white sugar.

Some cheesecake recipes involve jelly. For vegetarians and vegans we suggest choosing vegetable gelatin or agar agar to replace gelatin of animal origin (isinglass). In this collection, however, there are several cheesecake recipes that do not include any type of jelly.

Don't forget to garnish the cheesecake with your favorite seasonal fruit or with one of your homemade jams. Are you ready to make your favorite cheesecake at home?


Homemade vegan cheesecake

There are so many ways to make vegan cheesecake at home. Many use tofu but there are several alternatives such as vegetable spreadable cheese or creams to be prepared with cashews or almonds after having left them to soak for a long time.

Strawberry Cheese Cake

You can prepare the strawberry cheesecake in both the traditional version and the vegan strawberry cheesecake. The traditional version includes spreadable cheese while for the vegan strawberry cheesecake you will need cashews. Here and here the recipes.

Cheesecake with peaches and almonds

: The goat's kitchen

You can prepare a cheesecake completely based on vegetable ingredients and therefore cholesterol-free by choosing peaches and almonds as the main elements to fill and garnish it. The result will be wonderful. Here is the complete recipe of our peaches and almonds cheesecake.

Lemon Cheesecake

Preparing a lemon cheesecake is really very simple, a perfect dessert for a healthy snack. Just use dry biscuits for the base, and for the filling of cream, yogurt and organic lemons. Here is the complete recipe to follow step by step.

Vegan cheesecake al lime

Lemon cheesecake is very simple to prepare both in the traditional version and as a vegan cheesecake. For the vegan lemon cheesecake you will need agar agar or vegetable gelatin, soy yogurt and tofu, even better if self-produced.

Cheesecake with ginger and berries

Love it ginger and berries try this slightly unusual combination to create a truly original ginger and berries cheesecake to be enjoyed, even better if you have freshly picked berries available.

Cheesecake in the glass

La single portion cheesecake to be served directly in the glass is very simple to prepare. There is no need for cooking and cream cheese or creamy tofu is used for the cream. Unmissable blueberries or strawberries to garnish. Here are some ideas for cheesecake in the glass.

cheesecake crudista

: Veganlife84

To prepare the basis for this cheesecake crudista they don't serve biscuits. In fact, you will get the base by blending peeled almonds, pitted dates and agave syrup. For the cream instead you will need cashews and fresh strawberries, which you will also use to garnish the cake. Here the complete recipe.

Cheesecake without eggs

: Pen and fork

There are many versions of this dessert including cheesecake without eggs. Keep in mind that eggs in cheesecake are usually used for cream when cooking is required or are present as ingredients in cookies (just choose or prepare egg-free cookies). Here is the recipe for the cheesecake without eggs.

Cheesecake without butter

: Noodeloves

To prepare the base of your cheesecake you do not need butter to mix the biscuits, in fact you can replace it with extra virgin olive oil or with fresh cheese, for example with robiola. Here the recipe.

Gluten free cheesecake

: A kitchen all to yourself

To prepare the gluten-free cheesecake you will have to pay attention to the base and choose only gluten-free biscuits, then you will have to use only ingredients suitable for celiacs. Here the recipe.

American recipe cheesecake

: I want sweet

In a collection of recipes to prepare cheesecake, the original American recipe that you can eventually vary according to your tastes and dietary needs. Here the recipe.

Cheesecake without jelly

: Colcavolo

To prepare the cheesecake jelly is not always needed. First of all, you can replace gelatin of animal origin with agar agar or vegetable gelatin in recipes that include this ingredient. Otherwise you can do without it, always depending on the recipes you choose. Here is an example of cheesecake without jelly.

Coconut and lime cheesecake

The coconut and lime cheesecake is a summer cake with a fresh and delicate flavor. Just use Greek yogurt for the filling, fruit and whole cane sugar, for the base you will need clarified butter and cereal biscuits. Here you will find the complete recipe.

Ricotta cheesecake

: A little place to rest

Ricotta is the main ingredient in this cheesecake that is without eggs e without cooking. You can fill it with chopped hazelnuts and chocolate sprinkles to make it even tastier. Here the recipe.

Cheesecake with Thermomix

: Table spoon

Who has the kitchen robot it will be easier to prepare the cheesecake and will surely get a very creamy filling and a perfect biscuit base. Here is the recipe to follow.

Coffee cheesecake

: Everything by eye

This version of the cheesecake is dedicated to those who love the taste ofthe coffee combined with that of chocolate. You can get a dessert to be prepared without eggs and without cooking, all to be enjoyed. Here the recipe.

Self-produced chocolate and nutella cheesecake

: The fat is in the fire

Many recipes for prepare the cheesecake they contain chocolate and nutella. We suggest you prefer self-produced Nutella, that is, homemade with cocoa and hazelnuts. Here is the recipe for the self-made chocolate and nutella cheesecake.


Quick and easy cheesecake

If you are looking for a quick and easy cheesecake to prepare, without eggs and without cooking, we suggest that you follow the recipe carefully and choose organic vegetable gelatin to replace the gelatin sheets of animal origin. Here all the instructions.

Cheesecake without white sugar

: Sugar free dessert

Do you want to reduce the amount of white sugar in your diet? Then in the preparation of cheesecake you can replace it with stevia or with an alternative natural sweetener of your choice, such as rice, maple or agave syrup. Here the recipe.

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