Chat or frappe: 10 traditional, vegan and gluten-free recipes

Le Chatter are a typical dessert of Carnival which in the various regions takes on different names.

Let's talk about, for example Lies in Piedmont, of hit in your city, of Cenci in Tuscany and of crostoli in Trentino.

You can prepare the chatter according to the traditional recipes or vegan version, fried or baked. To you the choice.

Here is a collection of useful recipes to learn how to prepare le at home Chatter Carnival.



Fried chatter: the traditional recipe

La traditional recipe of Carnival chatter provides for their frying in a very hot way. Many recipes recommend using peanut oil to fry the chatter, but the choice is yours to decide which is the most suitable frying oil. THU a recipe to inspire you.

Baked chat: the traditional recipe

If you want to prepare the chiacchiere in a lighter version, you can avoid frying in a pan and choose the baking. To flavor the chatter you will need some grated organic lemon zest. Here the complete recipe.

Chocolate Carnival chatter

Carnival chatter at dark chocolate. Have you ever tried to prepare them at home? It involves preparing the chiacchiere according to a traditional basic recipe or in a vegan version and then decorating them with dark chocolate that you have melted in a bain-marie. THU a useful recipe.

Typical Carnival Pastries

This recipe of Typical Carnival Pastries suggests using butter as an alternative to lard which is used in some regions for the preparation of these desserts. Without lard, the Carnival frappas are also suitable for vegetarians. THU the complete recipe.

Gluten-free Carnival chat

We thought of inserting a gluten-free recipe to prepare Carnival chiacchiere with a small variation compared to the classic version, so that even those who are allergic or intolerant to gluten can enjoy this dessert. THU a useful recipe for preparing Gluten-free chat.


Fried vegan chatter

To prepare the vegan chat to be fried in hot oil you will need flour, potato starch, brown sugar, extra virgin olive oil, baking powder, rice milk and natural vanilla extract. THU the complete recipe.

Vegan cinnamon chat

To prepare the vegan cinnamon chat remember to buy an organic or untreated lemon, because you will need to grate the zest. You will also need ground cinnamon and extra virgin olive oil. THU the complete recipe.

Vegan chat with maple syrup

To prepare this vegan chat you will need it Maple syrup, cane sugar, dry white wine, soy yogurt, a lemon, a pinch of salt and powdered sugar obtained by finely chopping the cane sugar. THU the complete recipe.

Baked vegan chat

You do not necessarily have to fry the chiacchiere, you can also prepare them in the oven. You will need flour, rice malt, corn oil, natural vanilla, salt, warm water, grated organic lemon zest and baking powder. THU the complete recipe.

Baked vegan chatter for Thermomix

To prepare these chat in a vegan version to bake in the oven you will need semi wholemeal flour, rice syrup or other syrup to taste, dry white wine, mis oil, warm water and a few other ingredients. THU the complete recipe.

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