Change of season: the light anti-fatigue menu

With the approach of the spring most of us feel broken with dead batteries. «Today's life forces us to always go in a hurry, never to allow ourselves a moment of Relax», Explains Daniela Bavestrello, the psychologist of our Free Diet.

«We have to be able to synchronize ourselves as best as possible with the next change of season. We reduce the hours of sleep (that's right, it is very wrong to sleep more!) To adapt to the lengthening of the days ». And we bring to the table the foods richer in anti-fatigue substances.

“Our menus, inspired by Mediterranean diet, they already provide you with many anti-fatigue foods ”, says Carla Lertola, a dietician. «In this weekly scheme, however, we have decided to bet more (without upsetting our standard portions) on some "battery recharge" nutrients».

Which? «First of all the vitamin B1, which is critical for nerve cell health. Typical signs of its deficiency are in fact exhaustion and depression »Explains the expert. «You find it in the seeds, in the vegetable, in whole grains, but also in shellfish, fish and eggs. In a regime like this, the iron, which intervenes in the composition of the hemoglobin of red blood cells (oxygen carriers), of the myoglobin of muscles and in various reactions necessary for the respiration of cells. There meat it is the most important source, because it contains the mineral in the form that can be better absorbed by the body ».

If you feel a little grounded, follow our diet. With gourmet recipes from biologist-chef Fiorenzo Frumento and the advice to reduce cooking time by food technologist Giorgio Donegani will seem even tastier and easier. And if you need more sprint Camilla Zambelli, the team pharmacist, will give you valuable "instructions for use" of the invigorating drinks Most common. 

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