Carrot cake: the original recipe and 10 tasty variations

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Feel a hint of nostalgia for that great one Carrots pie what did you eat as children? Then it's time to learn how to prepare it at home in its original version or in one of the many variations.

La Carrots pie it is a great classic to serve for breakfast or as a snack and allows you to include these healthy vegetables in a sweet recipe that everyone usually likes. You can prepare your cake with grated raw carrots or boiled carrots according to the indications of the different recipes. If you have a centrifuge or extractor, you can reuse the leftover carrot juice.

Here is a collection of ideas for making carrot cake at home in the version you prefer.



Carrot cake, the original recipe

The basic ingredients for preparing carrot trout according to classic recipe are the grated carrots together with the flour and orange zest. You can use oil with a light taste and garnish the cake with icing sugar. Here the recipe.

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Vegan carrot cake

La vegan carrot cake it does not contain any ingredients of animal origin but is tasty, light and very soft. You just have to experience it. Here the recipe.

: Francy's longbones

Gluten free carrot cake

Prepare a gluten-free carrot cake it is very simple because it is enough to replace the wheat flour of the classic recipe with a gluten-free flour for desserts. Here the recipe.

: The wheat sphiga

Carrot cake without butter

Carrot cake becomes lighter if you prepare it without using butter. It will be enough for you replace the butter with oil with a delicate taste. Here the recipe.

: Sweet Note

Carrot cake without eggs

Carrot cake is a dessert that is easy to prepare without eggs for those looking for a light recipe, for those suffering from allergies or intolerances and for those who prefer not to consume this ingredient. Here the recipe.

: Day by day

Carrot cake with Thermomix

Thanks to kitchen robot preparing carrot cake is easier because this all-rounder will allow you to chop both carrots and almonds before kneading. Here the recipe.

: Thermomix recipes

Light carrot cake

La carrot cake in a light version it is certainly lighter than the original recipe but at the same time it is really very tasty. Here the recipe.

: LuCake

Carrots and nuts cake

You can prepare the carrot and hazelnut cake with grated carrots or, even better, with refuse of your carrot juice. Try our recipe.


Carrot and Almond Cake

For this recipe you will need some shelled and peeled almonds that you will have to mince in the mixer or in the food processor to obtain a coarse almond flour. Here are all the instructions to prepare the carrot cake with almonds.

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Boiled carrot cake

Many carrot cake recipes indicate that you use grated raw carrots but you can also choose them as an ingredient boiled carrots without adding salt. Here the recipe.

: Mission

Carrot cake, grandma's recipe

To fill the nostalgia of the carrot cake you ate as children there is nothing better than making carrot cake according to grandma's recipe. Here all the instructions.

: Grandma's recipes

What's your personalized recipe for making carrot cake?

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