Carbonara: 10 vegan and vegetarian recipes

Carbonara vegan e vegetarian carbonara. Alternative recipes to the traditional carbonara, useful for those looking for a light version, without renouncing to enjoy a good and tasty pasta dish, and for those who are vigano or vegetarian.

We have collected some recipes for you that will allow you to vary according to your tastes, choices and needs, also thinking, for example, of those who are intolerant to eggs and / or dairy products and who in this case can take a cue from vegan recipes.

Here are the recipes to prepare the vegan or vegetarian carbonara that we have chosen for you among the best on the web.


Carbonara: 5 vegan recipes

Vegan carbonara with seitan and turmeric

The main ingredients to flavor this carbonara in vegan version they are seitan and turmeric. You can enrich your vegan carbonara pasta with 100% vegetable cooking cream and herbs from your city. THU the complete recipe.

Vegan carbonara with smoked tofu

How to season yours carbonara vegan? For example with smoked tofu, chopped leek, soy milk, chickpea flour, black pepper, turmeric and extra virgin olive oil. In this way you will get an excellent recipe without having to resort to packaged vegetable cream, if you do not have it available. THU the complete recipe.

Vegan carbonara with zucchini

Le zucchini they are one of the classic ingredients of vegan carbonara and among the easiest to have available, especially when they are in season. You can cook the diced zucchini in extra virgin olive oil and season the pasta with vegetable cream, turmeric or saffron. THU a recipe to inspire you.

Vegan carbonara with saffron

How to enrich your vegan carbonara with flavor and color? With the saffron! They will also serve you tofu, vegetable cream, rice flour, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. You can choose natural or smoked tofu. THU recipe.

Vegan carbonara with fried onions

a vegan appetite.

Fried onions, here's another ingredient you might want to consider when making your vegan carbonara. The advice is to season it with "Vegan parmesan", to be prepared for example with sesame seeds and almonds, all finely chopped. THU a recipe to inspire you.

Carbonara: 5 vegetarian recipes

Vegetarian carbonara with asparagus

An idea to prepare yours vegetarian carbonara beyond the classic zucchini? You could prepare an excellent dish of carbonara pasta with asparagus. One more idea to make vegetables protagonists in the kitchen. THU the complete recipe.

Vegetarian carbonara with wholemeal spaghetti

The variations for the preparation of vegetarian carbonara can also concern the type of pasta chosen. Instead of the classic durum wheat semolina spaghetti, you can choose wholemeal spaghetti, to make your dish even more nutritious. THU the complete recipe.

Vegetarian carbonara with bucatini and zucchini

Not just spaghetti carbonara. Also bucatini they are a pasta shape suitable for the preparation of this dish. This vegetarian carbonara recipe involves preparing the dressing using zucchini. THU the recipe from the blog La Cuochina Sopraffina.

Vegetarian carbonara with onions, carrots and zucchini

For your vegetarian carbonara, make vegetables the protagonists. You can prepare the sauce for yours vegetarian carbonara pasta with onions, carrots or courgettes, or with other vegetables depending on the season. THU the complete recipe.

Vegetarian carbonara with mushrooms

I mushrooms they are another perfect ingredient for your vegetarian (or vegan) carbonara. You can choose, for example, between porcini and champignon mushrooms, but also between fresh or dried mushrooms, depending on the ingredients available to you. THU the complete recipe.


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